MLB fans rip Oakland Athletics with team on pace to be the worst baseball team ever: "Maybe they can make another Billy Beane movie"

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics
The Oakland Athletics are historically bad

The Oakland Athletics are easily one of the worst teams in recent memory. Even with a few other bad teams this year, the A's have won three games fewer than the next closest team. Their run differential is -149, which is more than double the next closest team (Chicago White Sox, -70).

The Athletics have been awful and there's no reason to expect that to change. They don't have any top prospects ready to break through and make the major league roster. They don't have any injured stars waiting to return and provide a boost. This is their team, and it's a downright awful team.

That's not the worst of it, though. Being the worst team in baseball is something a new team can claim most years. What they cannot claim is being the worst team of all time, which the A's might be able to do.

MLB analyst Buster Olney pointed out how bad they've been:

"The '62 Mets are generally regarded as the worst team ever, with a record of 40-120 and a run differential of -331. We're a quarter of the way into the season, and the Athletics are on a pace to win 35 games and finish the year with a run differential of -588."

The Athletics will apparently have to try very hard to get better and avoid this unfortunate fate. MLB fans took the opportunity to rip the franchise and did not hold back.

The Athletics probably don't have the pieces to make any changes to the team. The current team is all they're going to get. That means they likely won't get better. In fact, they could get a lot worse.

The Oakland Athletics could get even worse

The few good players the Oakland Athletics do have, like Brent Rooker, could get injured. Others almost certainly will get traded away at the deadline to compile more prospects.

It could get worse for the Oakland Athletics
It could get worse for the Oakland Athletics

That will only make the Athletics worse and if they're already on pace to lose more than anyone else by more runs than anyone else, it could get extremely ugly.

Perhaps it will work in the long run when the prospects they've acquired come up and make an impact, but only time will tell.

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