MLB Weather Report Today: Rain forecast, games at risk of postponement, and more on April 20, 2023

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds
What's on the MLB Weather Report today?

What does the MLB Weather Report have in store for baseball fans today? Rain is one of the worst things to happen in baseball. Whether or not it cancels or delays a game, it always has a major impact. Other weather events can affect the game, too.


If everything is too wet, it can't be played. If there are extreme winds, it can't be played. If somehow there is snow all over the diamond, then it would be impossible to play. Here's what weather to expect during today's action.

Full MLB Weather Report for April 20: What's going to happen?

Here's what the forecast says for the MLB Weather Report. It looks as if most games will be unaffected by any weather.

The Dodgers are on the Weather Report
The Dodgers are on the Weather Report
No rain forecastedPotential delay or rainoutLikely delay or rainout
Twins @ Red SoxNo games fall under this category right now.Dodgers @ Cubs
Angels @ Yankees
Reds @ Pirates
Rockies @ Phillies
Padres @ Diamondbacks
Mets @ Giants

There are only seven games scheduled today, but only one of them figures to have rain impacting it. The Los Angeles Dodgers are visiting the Chicago Cubs, but they may not play on time or at all due to rain.


This schedule is subject to change. Weather can be unpredictable and other weather events can cause delays in baseball. Recently, cold temperatures and high winds postponed a game, so anything can happen.

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