What happened to Marcell Ozuna? Braves star exits game early vs Tigers

What happened to Marcell Ozuna vs Tigers?
What happened to Marcell Ozuna vs Tigers?

In a recent matchup against the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves star Marcell Ozuna exited the game early after being hit on his right hand in the fourth innings.

After being examined by the team’s training staff, Ozuna stayed in the game to run bases but ultimately headed down to the clubhouse in the following innings. Travis d’Arnaud replaced him as the DH.

The Braves have not yet provided an update on Ozuna's condition, but it is likely that he is undergoing additional testing with the training staff to determine the extent of his injury. This is certainly concerning news for the Braves and their fans, as Ozuna has been performing exceptionally well at the plate since the beginning of May.

During this time, he has been hitting .319/.382/.639 and has been a key contributor to the team's offensive success. Losing him to a significant injury would be a blow to the team's lineup, especially considering the recent surge in performance from the bottom half of Atlanta's batting order.

Ozuna managed to hit a double in his lone plate appearance before the injury occurred, showcasing his offensive prowess once again. However, his departure from the game raises questions about the severity of the injury and how long he may be sidelined.

Fans and the team alike will be eagerly awaiting an update on Ozuna's status following Monday night's game.

How long is Marcell Ozuna expected to miss?

The Braves have since announced that Marcell Ozuna was removed from the game as a precaution due to a right wrist contusion. While this news is somewhat relieving, it remains to be seen how long Ozuna will be out of action and how it may impact the team moving forward.

The Braves will likely provide further updates on his condition as more information becomes available.

It remains to be seen for how long Marcell Ozuna will remain out of play.
It remains to be seen for how long Marcell Ozuna will remain out of play.

Overall, Marcell Ozuna's early exit from the game after being hit by a pitch on his hand is a concerning development for the Atlanta Braves. As they await more information on the extent of his injury, the team will need to adapt and find ways to fill the void left by their star player's absence.


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