Who is Zack Kelly's wife, Brittany? Everything you need to know about the Red Sox pitcher's spouse

Who is Zack Kelly
Who is Zack Kelly's wife Brittany?

Who is Zack Kelly's wife, Brittany? The Boston Red Sox star's personal life has shot into the spotlight after an incredible start to the season that was sadly cut short. He and his wife Brittany have been married for a while now.

The couple welcomed their first child into the world together last September towards the end of the season. Kelly took some time off to visit South Carolina during that time. The state is where he resides when he's not with the Red Sox.

The relief pitcher was having a very strong season this year, one that Zack Kelly's wife Brittany was undoubtedly thrilled to be watching. Unfortunately, she could only watch as her husband stooped to the ground in pain during Wednesday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

What happened to Zack Kelly?

Kelly was enjoying a solid run of form lately until he ran into a wall on Wednesday. The pitcher had a 1.35 ERA over 6.1 innings of work this season before going down with an injury.

Zack Kelly suffered an elbow injury on Wednesday
Zack Kelly suffered an elbow injury on Wednesday

Kelly threw a few pitches that felt somewhat uncomfortable, he later admitted. He tried to push through and get through the inning, though. On one pitch, he hit Yandy Diaz and dropped to the ground in pain, holding his face and then his elbow.

He was removed and declared out with an elbow injury. It is feared to be a UCL injury, one he's had before. In 2020, he lost the rest of the season due to a torn UCL and had to have surgery.

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