"I played the game the right way" - Boston Red Sox legend Roger Clemens unfazed by not being a Hall of Famer

Roger Clemens attends hearing on possible perjury re-trial
Roger Clemens attends hearing on possible perjury re-trial

Legendary former Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens has come out with a response to the current controversy surrounding his name.

Roger Clemens was a pitcher in Major League Baseball for 23 years, from 1994-2007. During that time, he played for four teams. However, fans associate his name most closely with the Boston Red Sox, a team he spent the first eleven years of his career with.

During his career, Clemens pitched 4,672 strikeouts, claimed 354 wins, and threw an ERA of 3.12. For many, these kinds of numbers would surely warrant an induction into the baseball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately for Clemens, his career has become smudged by certain accusations, and that outcome now looks impossible.

Why Roger Clemens is not going to be a Hall of Famer

Being such a prolific hitter and putting up such dazzling numbers causes your every move to come under scrutiny. Clemens was accused multiple times over the course of his career of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to help give himself a competitive leg up.

"Roger Clemens not upset with Hall of Fame snub: 'I played the game the right way,' he tells 'KayRod' ESPN telecast" - @ Our Betting Tips

However, Clemens never tested positive for any substance that would be classified as a PED. The baseball establishment clearly never believed him.

Earlier this year, both he and legendary slugger Barry Bonds were both up for admittance into the baseball Hall of Fame. However, both failed to reach the 75% approval threshold from voters.

Clemens' son Kody playing for the Detroit Tigers
Clemens' son Kody playing for the Detroit Tigers
Clemens recently spoke out, saying, "I played the game right. I did it right. I can't control what people are going to vote on your popularity contest or whatever it might be."

His case was also tainted by widespread rumors of marital infidelity and indecency.

Although Clemens may never grace the walls of the Hall of Fame, he has found himself a new spot in the baseball world as a guest commentator on several networks.

"Roger Clemens spot has been the best so far. Clemens seems eager to incorporate what is going on in the game. I'd like them to ask him how to attack Judge and Stanton." - @ Andrew Marchand

Clemens' son Kody plays in the Detroit Tigers organization. Roger was a frequent visitor to the Tigers Spring Training facility in Lakeland, Florida. He even had a joke played on him there earlier this year.

As for the perception of the seven-time Cy Young Award winner, fans and fellow players alike will always see him as one of the best players ever to play.

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