5 best BGMI guns to use in 2023 (February)

5 best BGMI guns to use in 2023 (February)
Best BGMI guns to use in 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the top names in the battle royale genre. Players are served with the highest quality graphics in BR titles with engaging dynamics.

The title features a huge plethora of weapons ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles. With such amazing options on display, it can be difficult for players to make up their minds.

This article discusses the five best guns for players to use in BGMI.

AKM, M416, and three more amazing weapons for BGMI players in 2023

5) AWM


AWM is known as the best sniper rifle in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The weapon can be found in airdrops and used to eliminate rivals in long-range battles. The gun gets 20 bullets in total, with five per round in the airdrop.

A single shot of AWM's bullet can even penetrate a level 3 helmet in the game. Players can use an 8x scope with the weapon to spot and kill enemies in mid- and long-range gunfights. They can attach a sniper suppressor to improve their stealth and quickly finish the enemy squad.

4) AKM


AKM is one of the most sought-after weapons in BGMI. The gun is a great choice for close-range battles and can rack up more kills for a better F/D ratio. It performs excellently in close combat and can take down opponents in two headshots.

The gun uses 7.62mm and is available in free loot. Players can enhance their tough recoil pattern with a compensator and extended quickdraw magazine to increase their ammunition capacity to 40 bullets per round.

3) M416


The M416 is rated as one of the most versatile weapons in the game. The rifle can be easily found as the primary shooting option in most players' loadouts. With its low recoil rate, the M416 s suited for beginners.

The assault rifle uses 5.56mm ammunition and has a well-balanced fire rate and base damage. The gun can be used for close as well as mid-range battles with its stable recoil pattern.

2) UMP45


The second weapon which is widely used in BGMI is UMP45. It received one of the best buffs in its attributes, making it a beast close-combat gun. The SMG features an amazing fire rate and with new updates, the weapon's base damage has increased slightly.

Players can use laser sight and suppressors for stealth and better hip fire and take down their opponents instantly. The gun uses .45ACP ammunition and has a maximum ammo capacity of 35 bullets per round.

1) MG3


MG3 is arguably one of the deadliest weapons available in BGMI. It features two shooting modes with different automatic firing speeds. With 660 firing speed, players can shoot small burst fires at their opponents. The second firing mode comes with a 990 firing speed which is ideal for close-combat battles.

The gun carries 75 bullets per round and uses 7.62mm ammunition. The weapon is exclusively available in airdrops and remains one of the most beloved options in the game.

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