5 best female streamers in BGMI

5 best female streamers for BGMI
Best female streamers for BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular names in the mobile gaming industry. It features HD-quality graphics and realistic dynamics, like lots of maps, modes, and other elements like weapons, utilities, and colorful items.

The title offers a variety of content and has helped lots of creators who have made great careers with their audience-friendly and engaging videos and livestreams.

With the increase in the game's popularity, despite its ban, various female streamers have been on the rise with amazing content and gameplay. They have overcome gender stereotypes to carve unique pathways for themselves to enormous success with the audience.

A look at top 5 female streamers in BGMI: Play Like Incognito, Krutika Plays, and more

5) Play Like Incognito


Indian streamer Sonali Singh owns the famous YouTube channel Play Like Incognito. She joined the platform on February 5, 2019, and has garnered over 94,794,127 views on her channel. A professional software engineer, her Instagram page has over 80k followers and she posts a lot of content related to her life.

She streams titles like BGMI, Among Us, PUBG New State, and much more. Her channel has more than 453k subscribers and has posted 403 videos. She posts gaming highlights, reaction videos, and carries out livestreams as well. Her Battlegrounds Mobile India ID is 599446771 and her in-game name is INCOGNITO.

4) Krutika Plays


Krutika Plays is one of the most skilled female Battlegrounds Mobile India content creators. In the initial stage of career, she was an e-athlete for a competitive team, but later switched to streaming and created her YT channel.

She is widely known in the gaming community for her fun highlights and gameplay with members from S8UL. Her channel has over 634k subscribers and over 130,749,820 views. She currently streams PC gaming titles like Valorant and also uploads vlogs on her channel.

3) Kani Gaming


Kani Gaming is one of the emerging names on the list of BGMI streamers. Her real name is Kanika Bisht and she is 22 years old. Her Battlegrounds Mobile India ID is 5631185000 and her IGN is HYDRA | KANI. She also has an Instagram page with over 275k followers.

Kanika can be seen playing BGMI with Hydra clan members and other streamers too. Apart from YouTube, she also streams on other platforms. Meanwhile, her YT channel has 713k subscribers and posts highlights and entertaining content. She has also started to upload vlogs on her channel where she can be seen carrying out pranks with other streamers.

2) Kaash Plays


Kaash Plays is another popular female streamer in the country. Her real name is Kaashvi Hiranandani and hails from Mumbai. Kaash's Battlegrounds Mobile India ID is 5111797650 and his IGN (in-game name) is S8ULKaash. She is also a popular Instagram influencer with 555k followers.

Her channel Kaash Plays over 768k subscribers and 73,111,057 views. She posts content based on her gameplay and also carries out livestreams on the same channel. She also owns another channel called Kaashvi, where she can be seen posting vlogs related to her daily life.

1) Payal Gaming


Payal Gaming is one of the region's biggest and most popular female BGMI streamers. Her real name is Payal Dhare and she streams popular gaming titles, including Battlegrounds Mobile India, GTA V, and Among Us. She also posts various crate-opening videos for different games on her channel.

Her BGMI ID is 5120321397 and her in-game name is S8ULPayal. She has a channel on YouTube where she carries out livestreams and posts content, boasting around 2.89 million subscribers and over 227,256,942 views.

Her content includes crate openings, gameplay highlights, and vlogs. She also has an Instagram page where she has two million followers and an official Twitter handle with over 32k followers.

Note: The data shown for each channel has been recorded on March 8, 2023. Also, the article solely reflects the author's opinion.

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