5 best tips to win more games in BGMI (February 2023)

Best tips for winning more BGMI matches (Image via Krafton)
Best tips for winning more BGMI matches (Image via Krafton)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a renowned name in the online gaming environment. It offers action-packed gunfight-based gameplay mixed with an immersive battle royale experience. The game also has a range of rewards that one can acquire in various ways.

For instance, players are always trying to increase their tier ranks to unlock better bonuses, like silver coins, avatars, frames, and titles. That said, winning matches offers the highest tier-ranking points. To come out as the victor in a game, players are required to use various strategies and better decision-making during tense battle situations. The article will offer five best tips for BGMI gamers to apply to win more matches.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writers' opinions.

Best tips for players to win more BGMI games

5) Play with a regular squad


Gamers often enter a classic match with a random squad, which reduces their chances of winning in BGMI. This can be due to miscommunication between players and not listening to each other's calls during the match.

Therefore, gamers are recommended to play ranked matches with a squad whose members they're familiar with. Knowing each other's gameplay style will help the team work together. Moreover, it will also facilitate better coordination during gunfights, enabling the side to eliminate enemies easily.

4) Use of utilities


Utilities are very necessary in a title like BGMI to secure more wins and get into higher leagues. Krafton has added lots of important items in this regard, including frag grenades, Molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, and various healing items.

By healing, players can fill their health bar in a few seconds. Ultitlies like smoke grenades are handy for getting behind cover in open areas. And frag grenades help knock members of the enemy team, offering the scope to rush them. Hence, players are advised to carry a decent number of utility items in their backpacks and not to only fill them with ammunition.

3) Play wisely in the final zones


The final zone presents one of the most competitive situations in BGMI where all teams try their best to win the match. A well-coordinated squad can easily succeed in securing a victory by employing good strategies.

One tip for the final zone is that gamers should not expose their position until they find a good spot to use the TPP (third-person peeking). If the player gives themselves away or gets eliminated, this will put their squad under great pressure, which can reduce their chances of acquiring a Chicken Dinner.

2) Focus on loot


Prioritizing loot can help get good weapons and other items like new armor and grenades. These can help one survive longer and take down their opponents.

To get good loot, landing in the right spot before other gamers can play a crucial role. Gamers are recommended to choose places they are familiar with, which they know have decent loot. Upon getting sufficient resources, players can use vehicles to encounter and eliminate enemies.

1) Work on your skills


The best tip for players to win more matches in BGMI is to have a good skillset. This includes having good aim as well as good control over different weapons' recoil. These two skills will help one prosper in close, mid, and long-range battles.

Players can head to the training ground to improve their aim and reflexes before playing classic ranked matches. This will help them warm their muscles, and they can play much better in the game. Gamers can perform different aim tracing drills on the training ground and access 1v1 custom room TDMs with their friends to improve their accuracy.

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