5 tips to improve aim and control with gyroscope in BGMI

BGMI is one of the most popular and well known mobile battle royales (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI is one of the most popular and well known mobile battle royales (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI has been at the center of all the buzz and attention. Ever since the final build of the game launched last month, players have been flocking to it.

Since BGMI is heavily dependent on shooting and gunning down enemies, most gameplay features depend on players' control of the weapon and aiming. Recoil control plays an indispensable role in landing headshots during matches or solely spraying enemies in close quarters.

Five ways to get better aim and control recoil in BGMI

1) Use of attachments

Using the right weapon attachments in BGMI will help players overcome recoil and enhance their aim. But this is not all. They need to familiarise themselves with the gun to learn the spray pattern.

There are some weapons whose recoil can be subdued by just equipping the appropriate attachment. For example, the M416 is one of the most commonly used guns in BGMI. It offers unrivaled stability and an excellent rate of fire.

Gamers can utilize a half grip or an angled foregrip for the highest-grade recoil control.

2) Single and burst fire modes

Burst and single fire reduce recoil (Image via BlueStacks)
Burst and single fire reduce recoil (Image via BlueStacks)

Most weapons in BGMI have different firing modes that players can use if and when needed. When shooting an automatic weapon, the auto mode magnifies the rifle's recoil, which they need to counter when firing the sequential shot.

Users can fix this by changing their guns to either single or burst mode, which can noticeably lessen the rifle's recoil.

3) Crouch or go prone

Another great way to enhance aim is by crouching or going prone. Players can do so while shooting or aiming in BGMI. The benefit is that when they need to fire at a far-off enemy, crouching decreases bullet spread by keeping the recoil at a minimum.

Thus, the bullets fired are centered in one area, which benefits users in landing more shots.

4) Peek fire and shooting

Just as crouching and going prone help in subduing the weapon's recoil, gamers can use the left or right peek option in BGMI to complement this. They have the option to peek and fire at enemies when in corners or cover.

While crouching (or even standing upright), users can use the left or right peek option to overcome the weapon's recoil even more. It is a simple trick but can be helpful during fights.

5) Using a mixture of both gyroscope and scrolling

Last but not least, gamers should use a blend of both gyroscope and scrolling by thumb or index finger. It will give additional control over recoil, and the bullets will go in the wanted direction.

The use of the index finger or thumb will be minimal, and the gyroscope will do the heavy lifting. Players can tilt their devices to regulate recoil while shooting.

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