5 tips to win Core Circle matches in BGMI 2.0 update

Obtaining Chicken Dinners in the Evangelion Core Circle themed mode in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Obtaining Chicken Dinners in the Evangelion Core Circle themed mode in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

Krafton has introduced several new modes in BGMI over time. Following the success of different modes like Mirror World, Spider-Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Holi Dhamaka, the new Core Circle themed mode has cruised its way into the Battle Royale title. It arrived due to the game's collaboration with the popular Japanese manga Evangelion.

The new theme is exclusively available on the maps of Erangel and Livik. Many players have already begun playing the mode. However, they are finding it tougher than normal classic matches.

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How to win more Core Circle-themed matches in BGMI?

1) Dive into Defensive Fortresses


The new Core Circle themed mode has introduced new compounds like Defensive Fortresses and EVA Launch Pad. The former has gained immense popularity since the mode's incorporation into the game.

Players willing to get more kills can dive into the three Defensive Fortresses that spawn across the map. Defensive Fortresses are modeled as military compounds and contain great loot. Squads can dive into these areas and eliminate opponents. However, they must know about diving the quickest.

Furthermore, even if they die while taking fights in the Defensive Fortress, they will get a recall (available till the end of the second zone).

2) Use split strategy


The split strategy is widely used in BGMI esports and is popularized by esports athletes. Many classic players have incorporated the strategy by following their idols while playing the Core Circle mode in Erangel and Livik.

The use of splits helps players provide cover fire to their teammates and attack enemies from different sides. However, the importance of splits increases manifolds in the new themed mode.

When three players are knocked out, it becomes essential for the fourth player to stay in a split as it will enable the defeated teammates to return to the match using the new respawn feature. This will allow the team to survive longer and achieve more Chicken Dinners.

3) Use utilities effectively


Utilities play a crucial role during fights in BGMI classic and custom matches. Since the loot has been multiplied to three times the normal quantity in the new mode, utilities can also be found in plenty.

Players can also get hold of utilities from the in-match shop located across the map. Attacking utilities like frag grenades and Molotov cocktails can be used to knock and finish enemies.

Meanwhile, defensive utilities like smoke grenades can help players take cover when getting shot. Furthermore, health utilities like health kits, first-aid kits, and boosters enable players to heal after a fight and survive longer en route to a Chicken Dinner.

4) Play with experienced teammates and establish better communication


The new themed Core Circle mode in Battlegrounds Mobile India is fast-paced, unlike other classic mode maps. This requires users to play differently and employ unique strategies.

Those who wish to win more matches in this mode need to play with experienced players who can outclass enemies in crunch situations.

Experienced BGMI players will help by communicating during fights and spotting enemies before others. They will also help in making safe rotations to the next zones.

5) Use TPP effectively


The Third Person Perspective (TPP) mode has emerged as the most popular mode. Many players tread on the battlegrounds of the themed Core Circle Erangel in the TPP mode.

Taking TPP can help BGMI players get an advantage as they can easily take down any approaching enemy by moving out of cover and shooting at them off-guard. This will allow players to win more fights and more matches in the long run.

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