BGMI vs Apex Legends Mobile: 5 major similarities and 3 major differences

BGMI vs Apex Legends is a heated topic of discussion (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI vs Apex Legends is a heated topic of discussion (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

Apex Legends Mobile's global release on May 17 witnessed the game becoming a potential rival to BGMI. While the former is still in its early days, it has already become the most downloaded free mobile game in India in 2022.

With both games having multiple similarities and differences, it is to be seen whether Krafton and Respawn take extra steps to give their users a better gaming experience. The debate between the fanbases is set to continue till one gets a better rating than the other.

Similarities between BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile that has helped players switch between games

Many BGMI players have already begun playing Apex Legends Mobile to enhance their gaming experience. Since both titles have many similarities, it has made the transition smooth. Here's a look at the major similarities between the two games:

1) Presence of both TPP and FPP modes


Both the BR titles offer their players TPP and FPP options in the Battle Royale modes. Furthermore, players can quickly switch between TPP and FPP modes with a single tap while playing the TPP mode matches.

2) Availability of Cosmetics


Respawn has walked in Krafton's footsteps and introduced plenty of cosmetics in the game. Apex Legends Mobile and BGMI players can spend in-game currency to get their hands on outfits, weapon skins, and more.

3) Flexibility in HUD


Players who have played both games have found similarities in HUD. Both games offer their users flexibility in HUD. While BGMI offers its players as many as three layouts to choose from, Apex Legends Mobile has two layouts to choose from. Users can set a HUD according to their choice.

4) Similar UI


Both Apex Legends Mobile and BGMI have a similar UI, making it easier for users to switch between the two games. Respawn and Krafton have tried to incorporate a lucid UI using which players can select modes, connect with their teammates, purchase items from the in-game shop, as well as set up their own profiles.

5) Presence of gyroscope


Gyroscopes play a seminal role in any multiplayer action game. Hence, the developers of both Apex Legends Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India have incorporated the feature into their games.

Players can easily switch between the two games due to the presence of a gyroscope feature which is otherwise absent in games like Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

Listing the major differences between BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile

1) Type of Characters


Battlegrounds Mobile India offers its players several special characters to choose from - Victor, Sara, Andy, Carlo, and Anna. Furthermore, various themed characters are also available in the game.

However, none of these characters influence the Battle Royale mode, which is one of the main differences compared to Apex Legends Mobile. The latter has various characters - Wraith, Bloodhound, Fade, Caustic, Octane, Bangalore, Pathfinder, and more. All these characters have their own special abilities and can change the course of any match with them.

2) Maps and modes


While Battlegrounds Mobile India has six classic mode maps - Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, and Livik, Apex Legends Mobile players can only play the World's Edge map in Ranked and Battle Royale mode.

The difference between the two BR titles can also be seen in the case of available modes. While Battlegrounds Mobile India has a dedicated Arcade, Sniper Training, and Evoground mode, Apex Legends Mobile only has a TDM and a Multiplayer mode to go along with the Ranked mode.

3) Squad size


One significant difference between the two games is the squad size. BGMI has seen a considerable rise in popularity due to its peak in esports, which has, in turn, been popularized due to the squad size of four players.

However, Apex Legends Mobile only allows three players (all with different characters) to play in a squad.

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