BMOC Round 4 Group 2 Day 2: BGMI teams, schedule, map order, when and where to watch

BMOC Round 4 Day 2 (Image via BGMI/YouTube)
BMOC Round 4 Day 2 (Image via BGMI/YouTube)
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In a few hours, the second day of the BMOC fourth round will begin, with Group 2 teams competing for Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) slots. A total of 16 teams will compete in six matches at the end of which the top six will advance to BMPS while the remaining teams will be eliminated.

Among the 16 teams playing today are the eight qualified teams from the previous round, along with eight seasoned invited teams. Day 2 will be livestreamed on the Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel and Loco app from 5:00 PM onwards in Hindi and English.

BMOC Round 4 Day 2 map order


The first match will be played on Erangel followed by Miramar and Sanhok. After that, the fourth match will be played again in Erangel followed by Miramar. The day will end at around 10:00 PM with the last match being played on Erangel.

Match 1 - 05:12 PM - Erangel

Match 2 - 05:53 PM - Miramar

Match 3 - 06:41 PM - Sanhok

Match 4 - 07:33 PM - Erangel

Match 5 - 08:22 PM - Miramar

Match 6 - 09:03 PM - Erangel

BMOC Round 4 Group 2 teams

1. Team SouL

2. GodLike Esports

3. Team XO

4. Revenant Esports

5. Entity Gaming

6. Enigma Gaming


8. True Rippers

9. Autobotz

10. TF5

11. INR

12. Imprint

13. RTR

14. Mysterious X

15. DeathMate

16. Last Legends

Team SouL will be participating with their new roster consisting of Akshat, Omega, Goblin and Hector. The team has one of the biggest fan bases in India and will probably meet fans’ expectations.

GodLike Esports will try to showcase their dominating performances, while XO, Revenant, and Enigma will likely continue their consistent run.

BMOC Round 4 Day 1 match results


Match 1 - Erangel - Global Esports

Match 2 - Miramar - Big Brother Esports

Match 3 - Sanhok - Initiative Academy

Match 4 - Erangel - Initiative Academy

Match 5 - Miramar - Big Brother Esports

Match 6 - Erangel - Hydra Esports

On the first day, it became clear how hard it was for invited teams to advance to the next round. A number of seasoned teams were eliminated in the first round, including Orangutan, Chemin, Mayhem, and Revenge Esports.

Qualified teams for BMPS S1 so far

1. Global Esports

2. Big Brother Esports

3. Initiative Academy

4. Team INS

5. Hydra Official

6. GOG Esports

With such a short period of time, it is becoming increasingly hard to make a comeback after a mistake. Either teams play extremely consistently to rake up placement points or they go all out to gain frag points.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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