“Doesn’t mean I hate Jonathan”: BGMI caster Mazy on alleged controversy with GodLike Esports

Mazy clarifies his points as an official caster (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mazy clarifies his points as an official caster (Image via Sportskeeda)

Zishan "Mazy" Alam is a professional caster and analyst in the BGMI esports community. While livestreaming on his YouTube channel, he recently clarified his views on an alleged controversy with the crowd-favorite team GodLike Esports and their reportedly best player Jonathan Amaral.

During the two-hour-long livestream, Mazy gave his views on a number of matters, including the recent 'alleged' controversy with Jonathan. Although he began the stream by urging viewers to help him reach the 100K milestone on his YouTube channel, he quickly began to talk about the performances of different teams in BMOC The Grind.

What did BGMI caster Mazy say about Jonathan?

Around the 20-minute mark on his livestream, Mazy received a donation where he was told that there was no hatred from the side of GodLike Esports towards him and it was only the undoing of the chat that misled Jonathan into believing that Mazy criticized him wrongly.

While Mazy listened to his commentary, he mentioned no bad blood between him and GodLike Esports. He said that he has previously worked with the players - Jonathan, Guru, Zgod, Clutchgod, and Neyoo, all friendly. He even said that he met GodLike Esports' mentor, Ghatak, when he visited their bootcamp.


Mazy added that his relationship with Team Soul was also good as he is considered an unbiased caster.

He further mentioned that as a caster, he expected the players of GodLike Esports (all of whom are popular and experienced streamers themselves} not to pay heed to what the audience said in the chat section.


According to Mazy, the audience often misleads the streamers into believing something untrue and the same happened to Jonathan, who thought that Mazy criticized him wrongly. Jonathan previously mentioned that his focus has always been to perform in tournaments and win trophies for his team, GodLike Esports.

Mazy also added that he never spoke about unofficial tournaments that the audience had wrongly perceived. He said that being a caster of official BGMI tournaments, he only speaks about the matches of those tournaments.

He had previously commented that it had been a long time since Jonathan last performed and was included in the MVP charts of the official BGMI tournament. The statement created an alleged controversy. However, he referred to Liquipedia and backed up his opinions with facts, ending the controversy.

He then went on to talk about the role of a caster. According to him, a caster elaborates during the play-by-play events of the ongoing match. But they also provide the audience with details, including data about a BGMI player or team.

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