"We have covered the journey from being an underdog team to India’s top teams": Old Hood Esports, Grand Finalists of BGIS 2021

The BGMI roster of Old Hood Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
The BGMI roster of Old Hood Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

Organized by Krafton, BGIS (Battlegrounds Mobile India Series) 2021, India’s first official BGMI tournament, had a great reception from participants and viewers alike. The tournament gave many emerging teams a chance to perform on a prestigious platform.

One such team, Old Hood Esports, proved their worth by becoming one of the Grand Finalists of BGIS 2021. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, the BGMI roster of Old Hood Esports talks about their team and overall experience in India’s first official Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament.

Old Hood Esports's BGIS 2021 experience

Q. Every roster is unique because of the quality of each individual player. Tell us more about your roster and the role that each of you play.

Old Hood Esports: Our roster is balanced as we divide work according to the situation with each other. Sultan is our in-game Leader, Supporter and Scouter. Crazy is the Entry Fragger and Filter in the team, Ayush plays the role of a Front Assaulter, and Klaus is the second Assaulter who usually manages the back of the circle.

Q. Since BGMI is quite infamous for the number of hackers in-game, did you all ever feel the threat of hackers when you were competing for BGIS, considering that it was an open tournament?

Old Hood Esports: Yes, there were hackers in the lobby when we were playing 15 matches in the BGIS Qualifiers. We did get wiped out by hackers in 3 matches. However, due to the overall statistics, we received the mail. After that round, we did not face any hackers.

Q. Being one of the Grand Finalists in the BGIS 2021 is quite an achievement. What was the overall experience of being part of the biggest BGMI tournament like?


Old Hood Esports: As we have been training since last year for this opportunity, we gave our best and became one of the best teams in India. The experience was different because we had never played in this type of a lobby before, especially against India’s Tier 1 teams.

We committed mistakes and learned in the process. Overall, BGIS 2021 was well managed by Tesseract Esports. They informed all the teams before the match over call and after every round. It made us feel special.

Q. From Skylightz Gaming to GodLike Esports, there were quite a few teams that performed well. Which team did you all consider to be your toughest competitor?

Old Hood Esports: We are an emerging team, and we have already covered the journey from being an underdog team to India’s Top 16 Tier 1 teams. We considered all the teams as our competitors because the hard work and dedication that the teams showed fascinated us.

Q. What are your words of encouragement to BGMI players who want to play it professionally someday?

Old Hood Esports: Just keep grinding guys! Do not lose hope and you will rise one day.

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