Top 5 BGMI Esports teams to watch out for in upcoming tournaments

BGMI is officially launched in India for Android users
BGMI is officially launched in India for Android users

With BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) making its entry into the Indian Esports scene, fans and players are overly excited for the start of competitive tournaments in the region.

In a statement released by Krafton, the company shared its plans to collaborate with partners to build an ecosystem while bringing India-specific events. As a result, several organizations have already stacked their lineups with the best players to compete in the upcoming events.

With that said, fans might wonder about some of the best teams who will be competing in the BGMI Esports scene. This article dives into five BGMI Esports teams to watch out for in the upcoming tournaments.

These Esports teams will leave their mark in BGMI

1) TSM Entity

The star-studded lineup of TSM Entity is undoubtedly the best BGMI esports team in India. With star players in Jonathan and Clutchgod, world-class support in Zgod, and experienced players in Neyoo and Ghatak, TSM Entity is easily one of the most impressive rosters to grace the scene.

The team went on to become one of the most dominant and consistent teams on the Indian circuit as well as on the international stage, winning multiple tournaments. The lineup became only the second team after Soul to win two major tournaments - PMCO Fall Split 2019 and PMIS 2020.

TSM Entity is famously known for their aggressive playstyle, racking up huge kill games along with a consistent top-five finish. They are good on every BGMI map, with Erangle being their strongest.

However, several reports suggest that this roster will no longer compete under the banner of TSM and Entity Gaming. It will be interesting to see which organization this lineup decides to move into.

2) Orange Rock

At number two on the list is the Orange Rock lineup that features the likes of Vexe, Gill, Destro, and Aditya. While other teams on the Indian circuit encounter a rise and fall, Orange Rock is a model of consistency, routinely placing at the top of the leaderboards.

After a dominant run in the early Orange Rock era, the sudden departure of Mavi along with Scout left many fans confused and baffled. But the roster move changed nothing as they picked up right where they left off, continuing their reign as one of the top five best teams in BGMI.

Aditya and Destro were earlier part of the PMCO winning team, X Spark. Meanwhile, Vexe moved in from Megastars esports.

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3) Indian Tigers

The roster of Prince, Spraygod, Sarang, and Aladin are monsters when it comes to fragging out. Prince, the in-game leader of the Indian Tigers, is known for his tidy call-outs in team fights and accurate zone prediction, inspiring his former team (Insane) to a top-five finish in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020. You can watch his in-game calls in this video.


The lineup features Spraygod, who is currently the hottest name in BGMI Esports. He plays the role of an assaulter and has pulled off several clutch plays in a very short professional career.

With solid team play and coverage, the Indian Tigers finished highly in several events. Heading into the official BGMI tournaments, this team will be gunning for more glory.

4) Mayhem

Mayhem has a successful BGMI lineup that features the likes of Punkk, Sensei, Immortal, and Cyrus. The roster is popping off big time in tournaments and has ascended to the top of the chart against the best teams in India. Mayhem crushed the rest of the competition and was uncontested for most of 2021.

Punkk, who has been the talk of the town recently, is the entry fragger and filter for the team. Fans have high hopes from this roster and it will be exciting to see how they fare in official tournaments.

5) FutureStation Esports

Futurestation proved to be one of the most consistent teams in the Indian BGMI domain, with a second-place finish in the PMCO Fall Split 2020. They have shown the caliber to perform against the best teams in India and displayed amazing fighting spirits.

FutureStation is a solid and structured team comprising Pukar, Saumraj, Bobedope, and the veteran Ronak.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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