Top 5 tips to push rank in BGMI with random teammates

Tips for rank push with random strangers in BGMI (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Tips for rank push with random strangers in BGMI (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Francis Banerjee

BGMI is a game that mandates more than dropping onto maps and eliminating enemies. The game requires a strategic approach towards rank push. Players often aspire to accumulate points over the season and reach the top tiers in BGMI.

Rank pushing in BGMI is not an easy task because inane mistakes can result in significant negative points. Some gamers prefer to play on their own and rank up, while some depend on their squads for rank push.

However, players who do not have a set squad often drop into the map with random strangers. This is a risky approach for rank pushing as there is no certainty to land in a strong squad. In fact, the opposite is usually the case.

Rank push tips for BGMI players dropping with random strangers

1) Use the time in Spawn Island


It is impossible to build an understanding with strangers within a few minutes of dropping onto the map. However, a few things could be clarified before the match begins.

Prior to the match starting, players land on Spawn Island in BGMI. Usually, gamers get around 30-40 seconds in that location before the plane takes off.

Use this time to communicate with teammates. Try to understand their demeanor, decide the drop location, and develop a tentative strategy for the match.

2) Provide them with loot


The best way to get along with strangers is to help them out with the loot. It is difficult to find the preferred weapons right after dropping onto the island. Therefore, gamers should ask them about their requirements and preferences, search for them on the island, and mark them for their teammates.

This makes them feel inclusive and builds camaraderie. Players will likely cooperate throughout the match, even helping in times of need.

3) Reach out to help


Enemy ambushes are a common affair in BGMI squad modes. These ambushes execute intense actions, and often gamers lose significant health. They might even get knocked out.

Players should not run away from such situations. Engage with the action and help them out by providing cover. Perhaps even revive a teammate in time. This will increase trust, and teammates will likely return the favor.

4) Hear them out, but have your say


Since communication is the key to success in these situations, gamers are advised to listen to their strategies, plans, and demands. However, that doesn't mean that players should agree with everything.

Consider the statements of teammates and analyze them before concluding. If gamers think that a certain strategy will not work, it is better to inform the group and back up the assertions with logic rather than discarding the idea. This will help in longer survival and will fetch more points for rank push in BGMI.

5) Do not change your style of play


One of the massive mistakes committed by players in this mode is to change their style of play. This affects individual gameplay and leads to faster elimination. Stick to your strong suits.

It is difficult to change the comfort zone randomly, and therefore, players should retain their play style. This helps in retaining confidence throughout the map.

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