5 lamest comic book superheroes

Matter-Eater Lad, Six Pack, and Red Bee (Image via DC Comics)
Matter-Eater Lad, Six Pack, and Red Bee (Image via DC Comics)

Superheroes are the pinnacle of awesomeness. Their magnificent costumes, astounding superpowers, and larger-than-life persona make everyone want to be in their shoes.

While there are various heroes we adore, there are a few exceptions we want to stay away from at all costs. Some heroes exist who are uncool, uninteresting, and straight-up weird.


This list looks at the five lamest superheroes represented in comic books. A few of these bad batches of heroes might have awful names, absurd superpowers, and unimaginative personalities.

These superheroes are lame just for gags, while others were discontinued by publication houses

5) Red Bee

Weird Superhero of the Day:Name: Richard Raleigh AKA The Red Bee.Publisher: DC Comics.Weird Superpower: He has trained bees to act on command (and has a favourite bee called "Michael").#WeirdSuperheroOfTheDay

Spider-Man does whatever a spider can, and Antman can shrink to the size of an ant. DC decided to adopt the Marvel formula and designed a superhero based on insects.

The bug they took inspiration from was a bee, and Red Bee was born. Richard Raleigh is an assistant to a district attorney with a beekeeping hobby.

Tired of criminals evading the justice system due to technicalities, Richard took the law into his own hands. He can fly and sting like a bee. If that's not weird, Red Bee has a pet bee named Michael, who stays in his belt compartment.

4) Sixpack

Weird Superhero of the Day:Name: Sidney Speck AKA Sixpack.Publisher: DC Comics.Weird Superpower: He just gets drunk all the time and hits people with broken bottles.#WeirdSuperheroOfTheDay

Only limited information is available about this superhero, which states he is either someone with reality-altering powers or just a drunk guy in spandex soaked with pee stains. Our bet is on the latter.

Sidney Speck is a regular customer at a shady bar in Gotham whose superpower is to lie about his drunken dreams as superhero adventures.

He was the leader of a knock-off superhero team named Section Eight. Under Sixpack's leadership, most of the members of section eight would die in a skirmish with a supervillain.

Sixpack's super ability was high tolerance for alcohol, and his superweapons are broken beer bottles.

3) Matter-Eater Lad


This hero does literally what his name suggests: he eats matter. Tenzil Kem hails from a planet called Bismoll (Yes, Pepto Bismol), where a virus has made all the food inedible.

Bismollians evolved their bodies to digest whatever matter they ingested, from iron and aluminum to toxic lead and even radioactive Uranium.

The Matter-Eater Lad made zero contributions to the superhero community except for that one time when he ate Miracle machine, a device that can turn thoughts into reality. However, Matter-Eater Lad went cuckoo in the head after eating the machine.

2) Arm Fall Off Boy


Once again, introducing a hero whose name is literally what he does, Arm Fall Off Boy can detach the limbs off his body and use them as blunt weapons. Created by Gerard Jones and Curt Swan, this hero made his debut appearance in Secret Origins #46.

Arm Fall Off Boy's powers is so useless that it inspired James Gunn to create The Detachable Kid, aka TDK, in Suicide Squad 2021. TDK can detach his limbs like the former, but in a hilarious opening sequence, he was killed in the Corto Maltese mission.

1) Doorman

Weird Superhero of the Day:Name: DeMarr Davis AKA Doorman.Publisher: Marvel Comics.Weird Superpower: He's capable of teleporting people, using his own body as a portal, but with the limitation that it has to be into the next room.#WeirdSuperheroOfTheDay

Doorman has a super ability to create a portal. Here is the twist: the portal opens up in the adjacent room. That's right. Doorman has an ability similar to a door.

DeMarr Davis is a member of the Great Lakes Avengers, a team famously known for knock-off heroes with useless superpowers. Doorman constantly compares the lame team to the original Avengers.

Once, a villain threw a sharp weapon at Doorman, who instinctively activated the door portal. The weapon exited the portal straight onto his fellow superhero, Grasshopper's forehead, killing him on the spot. Doorman suffers from depression due to the unfortunate accident.

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