Shang-Chi: 5 things you didn't know about the Ten Rings origin

The origins of the Ten Rings is still a mystery to fans of the MCU (Image via Marvel)
The origins of the Ten Rings is still a mystery to fans of the MCU (Image via Marvel)

Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings was one of the most successful and positively received films by the franchise in 2021. Kevin Feige and team's version of the famous character in the film is different from the comic books, which makes it even better when put next to one another.


The parentage of Shang-Chi, his homeland, his family-run Ten Rings criminal organization and mysteries around the Ten Rings Bracelets make the film unique from the comic book story. The major difference that fans noticed was that the Rings here were bracelets and were helmed by Wenwu in the film, rather than Shang-Chi himself, like the comics.

However, towards the end of the film, Shang-Chi wins the Ten Rings from his father in a duel and is teleported by Wong in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Wong, Shang-Chi, Hulk and Captain Marvel discover that the Rings are sending a signal in outer space as they try to discover its origins.

While there has been no conclusive proof of its origin story, fans have made their own speculations and theories based purely on wild guesses and comic origin stories.

5 things that fans don't know about the Ten Rings in Marvel's Shang-Chi

1) The rings were created by Makluans


Makluans are an alien race who are the creators of The Ten Rings in the comics. Comic fans are familiar with Fin Fang Foom, a famous Makluan who they have seen in several comic appearances over the years, most recently in Guardians of The Galaxy game.

Makluan explorer Axon-Karr had the rings in his starship during his adventures on Earth when he was attacked by the natives of the planet.

After being fatally wounded by the scared humans, Axon-Karr retreated to a cave, where The Mandarin found him. The MCU could introduce the Makluans, in a sequel to Shang-Chi, as the creators of the Ten Rings, and establish the Great Protector dragon at the climax of the film as one of their members.

2) Magnetic Pulses are the Rings' weakness


In the comics, when The Mandarin wields the Rings against Iron Man, Tony Stark finds their weakness. Since the Ten Rings are technologically advanced and there's no information about how they work, Stark found a way to make the rings vulnerable.

He reverse engineered the technology of the rings and created a Master Ring that called the other rings. Stark also noticed that they cause electrostatic reactions to each other, so he later used magnetic pulses to make them vulnerable in his last battle with Temugin, the Mandarin's descendant.

3) The Ten Rings is not a terrorist organization in the comics


In the comics, Ten Rings is not a terrorist organization. They merely refer to the actual rings that have cosmic powers. However, to give the story a more unique feel and tie in with the modern world, Feige and team decided to make The Ten Rings into a terrorist organization that exists within the MCU so Iron Man could battle them.

In the MCU, Ten Rings is formed after Wenwu aka The Mandarin comes into possession of the cosmic rings in ancestral times. Having survived all these years with the rings, shows how the Ten Rings organization has been around for a long time and Shang-Chi has just joined in.

4) Each Ring has a name and a unique ability


In the comics, each ring that Shang-Chi wields has a name and a unique ability. Each has its own different elemental power which, if coordinated correctly and worn in the right finger, can be deadly by the one who wields them.

The rings have the following names and hands on which they are worn to use:

  • Flame-Blast Ring, "Incandescence" (Left Ring)
  • Electro-Blast Ring, "Lightning" (Left Middle)
  • Ice Blast Ring, "Zero" (Left Little)
  • Impact Beam Ring, "Influence" (Right Index)
  • Vortex Beam Ring, "Spin" (Right Middle)
  • Black Light Ring, "Nightbringer" (Right Little)
  • Disintegration Beam Ring, "Spectral" (Right Ring)
  • Matter-Rearranger Ring, "Remaker" (Right Thumb)
  • White Light Ring, "Daimonic" (Left Thumb)
  • Mento-Intensifier Ring, "The Liar" (Left Ring)

However, in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, no such exclusivity or rule about the rings' powers has been mentioned.

5) The Ten Rings might be created by The Eternals in the MCU


In a popular ongoing fan theory, the Ten Rings in the MCU might have been created by The Eternals in the past. In the post-credit scene of Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, the rings are sending a signal to someone but their molecular structure could be seen in gold.

Since fans saw the Chloe Zhao-flick where the Eternals created all of technology on Earth, their powers were also gold. Since the film was released before The Eternals, fans were expecting to see the Ten Rings in the latter as well.

However, the origins of the rings are still unclear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans can't wait to dig deep and find out more.

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