What is known about Marvel's Hercules? Origin explored ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder cameo

Hercules and Thor: Love and Thunder Poster (Images via Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios)
Hercules and Thor: Love and Thunder Poster (Images via Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios)

Marvel's upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is about to be released in theaters starting tomorrow, and spoilers for the Chris Hemsworth film have already begun to appear. A new spoiler has reportedly revealed what the post-credit scene for the film is supposed to be, and it looks like another pantheon of superheroes will be joining the huge MCU family.

Yes, Hercules is reportedly teased at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder. Played by Brett Goldstein of Ted Lasso fame, the character will appear at the very end, teasing a sequel to Thor: Love and Thunder and also setting up a battle between them. With Marvel taking heavy liberties with its actual pantheon characters, many people don't know this version of Hercules quite well.

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Let's take a look at who Hercules is ahead of his supposed debut in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Exploring Hercules origins ahead of his debut in Thor: Love and Thunder

Hercules (Image via Marvel Comics)
Hercules (Image via Marvel Comics)

With spoilers leaking online about the appearance of Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder, we are sure to dig deep into the lore of Marvel gods. Created by Charles Nicholson, Stan Lee, and Jack Kiry, Hercules first appeared in Young Allies #16 in May, 1945, and was again introduced in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 in June, 1965.

According to Fandom, born Herakles, he is the son of the King of Olympians, Zeus, and Alcmene of Thebes in Ancient Greece. Zeus disguised himself as Alcmene's husband Amphitryon, who was away at war, seduced her and impregnated her.

Hercules vs Thor (Image via Marvel Comics)
Hercules vs Thor (Image via Marvel Comics)

Hercules was born out of this, but due to his Olympian lineage, he was born with the strength of the gods. Zeus' wife Hera grew extremely jealous of him for cheating on her, so Alcmena tried to appease her by naming her son Heracles which meant "Glory of Hera."

Herakles was originally abandoned on the city sidelines, but was found by Athena and Hera. Hera tried to breastfeed him, but Herakles harmed her by biting down on her breast really hard which caused the goddess to flung him away. He was then returned back to Amphitryon and his wife, who would take him in and accept him.

Hercules vs Thor (Image via Marvel Comics)
Hercules vs Thor (Image via Marvel Comics)

Hercules' powers became apparent when Hera sent two serpents after him, and he was able to them down with his bare hands. So began the adventures of Hercules. Over the years he took part in the Twelve Labors so that he could prove his worth to Zeus and become an immortal. He was able to perform all the tasks and was accepted by Zeus as well.

Over the years in Marvel comics, Thor and Hercules have gone from being rivals to very good friends. Here is hoping the MCU is able to capture that, considering the setup here puts them at odds against each other.

HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE THOR SPOILER!!!!.................. Brett Goldstein from Ted Lasso will appear as Hercules in a Thor 4 post credit scene, after being sent to kill Thor by a pissed off Zeus!!!

Descriptions of the scene reveal Hercules is sent by Zeus to go after Thor. If this is to take place, we can surely expect a supposed Thor 5 to be a battle between Thor and Hercules.

You can check out the Greek God's debut when Thor: Love and Thunder premieres in theaters tomorrow.

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