Will there be Blue Eye Samurai season 2? Renewal Possibility explored

2 men down 2 to go for the Blue Eye Samurai (Image via Netflix)

After watching the mind-boggling finale of the first season, fans want to know if there will be a Blue Eye Samurai season 2. Blue Eye Samurai is an adult animated Netflix series that follows the incredible adventure of Mizu, a mixed-race swordmaster driven by a relentless desire for revenge against those responsible for her mother's horrific murder.

The show is set against the backdrop of 17th-century Japan's Edo era. She became a target because of her distinctive, alluring blue eyes, which resulted in captivity. She takes on a man's persona in order to traverse this perilous journey and travels the nation honing her samurai techniques.

Blue Eye Samurai made a big impression on viewers in its debut season. Viewers praised the show for its excellent animation, multicultural cast, and strong female protagonist. However, there is still no official confirmation of Blue Eye Samurai season 2.

Will Mizu return for a Blue Eye Samurai season 2?

Taking inspiration from the works of great directors such as Akira Kurosawa, Kihachi Okamoto, and even Quentin Tarantino, this gory yet exquisite adult animated series by Netflix has garnered incredible accolades for its unique combination of genres and stylistic choices.

The first season of Blue Eye Samurai, from the minds of Michael Green and Amber Noizumi, ended with a massive cliffhanger, leaving viewers wanting more. Despite her desire for murder from the very first episode, Mizu (Maya Erskine) allowed the white man Abijah Fowler (Kenneth Branagh) to live as the city of Edo went down in flames.

As Mizu prepared to murder him in the blazing castle, Fowler confessed that he was the only one who was aware of the identities of Skeffington and Routely, the other two "hidden" white men who may have been Mizu's father.

The second shocking revelation Fowler gave Mizu was that the lady she witnessed dying was not her mother but rather a maid who had been hired to keep Mizu secret. This implies that somebody else—a person whose identity Fowler withholds —killed Mizu's mother.

If a Blue Eye Samurai season 2 gets green-lit, it will continue this arc. But at this point in time, Blue Eye Samurai season 2 has not received any formal confirmation from Netflix. Fans need not give up hope just yet as the show is still in its infancy, and Netflix may not have gathered all the necessary information to approve a second season of episodes for the thrilling adventures of Mizu.

If all goes well, that is, if the show keeps up its great reviews and viewers keep on posting about when the show will get renewed, a Blue Eye Samurai season 2 will be officially in the works at Netflix.

What is Blue Eye Samurai based on?

The female protagonist of Blue Eye Samurai is named Mizu, but despite her intriguing character arc, Mizu is not a real person. Yet, during the seventeenth century, a man from England named William Adams was real and lived a life somewhat comparable to Mizu's. His life could have served as an inspiration for Mizu's character. Adams was a navigator and traveled to Japan as part of an expedition.

Dubbed "an Edo-period tale of vengeance — Kill Bill meets Yentl," Blue Eye Samurai writers Michael Green and Amber Noizumi hinted that the program has periods of sad introspection interspersed with violent scenes in an interview with Tudum.

In the same interview, the husband and wife combo stated that Mizu gets much of her inspiration from their daughter's blue eyes. Supervisor director Jane Wu also told Tudum that she was influenced by what she experienced as a woman traversing the male-dominated Hollywood industry. These inspirations could make a comeback for a Blue Eye Samurai season 2.

The 1973 movie Lady Snowblood and the quiet, powerful Clint Eastwood persona were both mentioned as inspirations for the main themes and Mizu herself.

While these diverse sources of influence might seem unrelated to one another, they all helped create a presentation that appears to be brand-new in an industry saturated with animated series. The show's inspirations and contributions were crucial to the development of a great show.

The program presently has an outstanding 9.0/10 rating on IMDb and a 100% critics score with a 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans may currently view all episodes of the amazing show on Netflix as they wait for news for Blue Eye Samurai season 2.

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