3 cricket bats of Indian players every aspiring cricketer player wants to use

Batters and blades: Virat Kohli and MSD's bats are in demand
Batters and blades: Virat Kohli and MSD's bats are in demand

There's more to Indian cricket than just the players and the star power they bring in. While talking about their game and their style of play, the equipment has forever been a conversation starter.

Be it the familiar Rahul Dravid's Britannia, or Sachin Tendulkar's MRF, or even Rohit Sharma's CEAT, fans have aspired to use the same bats as their idols.

While it has to be kept in mind that much of these bats are pretty much stickered with the players' sponsors, nonetheless, it's always been a fascination for up-and-coming players to use the kind of gear their role models use.

On that note, we take a look at the three Indian greats and the bats they use that are in demand.

#1 Virat Kohli's MRF, a cricket bat that's evergreen

It's not just the bat twirling or the helmet adjusting habits of Virat Kohli that fans and upcoming cricketers emulate, but also purchasing the same MRF bat that he plays with.

The bat was also used by some of the iconic players across the world, including the great Tendulkar. Kohli's bat has been one of the favorites with the 'Genius' MRF edition selling like hot cakes.

#2 KL Rahul's SG KLR

One of the finest in modern-day cricket carries the sleek and classy-looking SG KLR. As per reports, the weight range of the bat varies from 1140-1250g, making it conducive for cricketers to pick a weight they can handle and get the maximum advantage of.

KL Rahul's bat is traditionally a round handle that suits his stroke-making style of play and the lightweight ensures he can bring those wrists into play.

#3 MS Dhoni's Spartan

While MS Dhoni used Reebok for a major part of his career, his penchant for big hits was sorted when Spartan decided to tailor-make his bats. Also used by former Aussie skipper Michael Clarke and Chris Gayle, the Spartans are a favorite for those players who prefer a heavy willow.

What popularized the Spartans were the meatier sweet spots of the bat that, when seasoned, would be perfect for hard-hitters. It's no surprise that players who want to hit the ball out of the park prefer the Spartans.

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Edited by Aranya Chaudhury
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