5 countries having the most dedicated cricket fans and fan groups

Sudhir Gautam
Sudhir is one of the most popular supporters of the Indian cricket team
Modified 19 Aug 2016
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The three basic attributes of cricket are batting, bowling and fielding. Apart from those, there is one more character that we must highlight and that is the “fan”. Cricket and fans are like two sides of a coin, they are inseparable. There are only a few countries that play proper cricket across the globe as only 12 countries play ODI matches and 10 countries take part in Test cricket.

Cricket is the most popular game in the subcontinent and is often seen as a religion to many. The sport is popular in a few other countries as well such as England, Australia, South Africa and the West Indies, to name a few.

Millions of people are associated with this beautiful game and they are the true backbone of this sport. Like in football, Cricket also has some spectacular fans and fan groups across the world. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 countries which have most dedicated fans and fan groups

5) Bangladesh

Shoaib Ali Bukhari:

We can easily recognise him by his eye-catching getup as he comes to the ground every time in the look of a 'Royal Bengal Tiger'. By profession, he is a mechanic but his true identity is that he is a crazy fan of the Bangladesh Cricket team.

Over the years, Bangladesh may have lost its fair share of matches but Bukhari can be seen cheering the side on, irrespective of the performance. He can shout all the day for Team Bangladesh and would never care about from where he would get his next meal or if he will get a proper bed to sleep or not. 

Fortunately for Bukhari, Bangladesh have done decently over the past couple of years in ODIs and that surely must give more reasons to smile and celebrate.

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Published 19 Aug 2016
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