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5 wicket-keepers with the most dismissals in ODI cricket

Priyam Saikia
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Dhoni – A maestro behind and close to the stumps.
Dhoni – A maestro behind and close to the stumps

Wicket-keepers are the focal points for the teams in all formats of the game. Not only do they contribute on the field by grabbing wonderful catches and effecting match-turning stumpings, they also keep the morale of the team high by continuously saying words of encouragement from behind the stumps.

They are also trusted upon by the captain to point out minor adjustments in the field and also whether to go for a DRS or not in the case of an LBW or a caught behind.

In spite of their obvious importance wicket-keeping is a thankless job. They have to keep their levels of concentration very high at all times. A single mistake made by them is scrutinized and analyzed over and over again.

Over the years, we have been blessed to have seen some extraordinary wicket-keepers in action. So, who among them have affected the most amount of dismissals in ODI cricket?

Let us have a look.

#5 Moin Khan

Moin Khan was a dependable keeper for Pakistan.
Moin Khan was a dependable keeper for Pakistan.

Span: 1990-2014

Teams: Pakistan, Asia XI

Matches: 219


Dismissals: 287 (214 catches, 73 stumpings)

Renowned for his competitiveness and combative skills, Moin Khan spent most of his career indulging in a slugfest with fellow keeper Rashid Latif to establish himself as the number one keeper in Pakistan. His superior batting skills usually put him ahead of Latif, as his quick feet and improvisation were extremely effective in the shorter format of the game.

What he lacked in natural ability, he made up with practice and hard work and was one of the most physically fit cricketers in Pakistan. He was anything but popular with his opponents; he had that irritating ability to get under the skin of any opposition batsman through his incessant chirping and relentless sledging.If there was one person who kept the fatigued Pakistani bowlers going on at the end of long, tough days it was Moin.

By the end of his playing playing career he had accumulated 287 dismissals in One Day Internationals which places him at the number 5 position on the list.

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