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5 most unusual instances of trouble in a Cricket match

Umaima Saeed
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Extreme weather conditions, sudden news of demise, a furious crowd, on-field player-spats, and very often, intruders in the form of animals, all of these, at some point of time, have been a reason for a halt in cricket match, sometimes abandonment too.

The latest addition to the list of unusual instances during a cricket match, this one coming across as rather shameful, is the one from the recently concluded Dhaka Premier League. The tournament received decent viewership from India as a couple of Indian cricketers enrolled themselves in it.

The league, however, deservedly found a place in the bad books of cricket for an incident that occurred in the 16th over of the clash between Prime Doleshwar Sporting Club and Abahani Limited.

There was a massive appeal to dismiss Raqibul Hasan who was given not out by umpire Sohel on a delivery from Saqlain Sajib. When the appeal was turned down, the Abahani players along with their captain Tamim Iqbal and the crowd in the stands, started to protest the decision that they felt was biased.

The umpires were treated to abuses from the fans which saw them leaving the field after consulting Montu Dutta, the match referee.

This immoral incident has been preceded by many more in the history of the game. Sometimes, the field needed a beekeeper instead of a wicketkeeper. At other times, batsmen were seen giving way to the firemen. Read on to find out more.

The bee-attack

bee attack

While play has been halted by midges, wasps and flying ants in the past, the most disturbing of all pests are inarguably the bees. And a state level match from 1981 can prove to you how something that looks so insignificant cannot just halt but abandon a cricket match.

A cricket match in Bangalore was called off after hundreds of bees, troubled by children pelting stones, thronged across the field in retaliation. Six players, along with the umpire, had to be given hospital treatment.

History repeated itself in the England-Sri Lanka Test match in December 2007. Swarms of bees were seen flying across the field at the Asgiriya Stadium in Kandy. The umpire, who seemed experienced with bee-attack, lay down on the floor to avoid the bees, and the players replicated his example. The play was suspended until the match could be resumed.

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