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5 pre-match rituals of great cricketers

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Australia v India - Game 1
Rohit Sharma has a couple of pre-match rituals

Only the finest cricketers that a nation produces eventually make the step up to the national team and as such, most of those cricketers are gifted. Even so, plenty of them have their set of superstitions and pre-match rituals that allow them to get 'in the zone' when the actual match starts.

One would expect great cricketers to be quite unwilling to perform specific pre-match rituals that might border on superstition but many of the top cricketers of the present and the past have had their quirky rituals.

This article looks at some of the pre-match rituals of cricketers from the past and present and how it allowed them to perform better, despite being rather non-cricketing in nature.

#5 Rohit Sharma

When you watch Rohit Sharma bat, his elegant style and unhurried nature would make you feel that he is not someone who is overtly bogged down by pre-match rituals. However, contrary to what many may believe, Rohit does indeed have pre-match rituals and during a question and answer session that was broadcast on YouTube, the player opened up about his routines ahead of a game.

On matchday morning, Rohit ensures that he starts the day with a cup of coffee, but the most important ritual for him is to call his wife before the team meeting or just before the game. He also revealed that his wife is also superstitious. Perhaps Rohit believes that his better half would also be less nervous if he performs the ritual ahead of every game. 

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