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5 reasons why losing the England series is good for Indian Cricket in the long run

Pratik Doshi
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England v India: Specsavers 5th Test - Day Five

Virat Kohli was ready to play county cricket for a month. Ravi Shastri bragged about the team's ability to win on any surface. BCCI was confident about India's preparations, having arrived in England a month before the first test was played.

Having lost the previous two tours of England, India tried to do everything they could, in order to get a different result during this tour.

Players were different. Preparations were different. Expectations were different.

But alas, the result, just the same: 4-1.

When India lost in 2011 and 2014, there wasn't much they could do. They were simply outplayed and were never much in the series. Why this series loss hurt more was because India had the capability and expertise to win the series, yet poor team management and selections along with lousy attitudes and lethargic shots prevented the same.

The major positive to come out of this series loss was the acknowledgement of problems Indian cricket is facing, and the need to address those problems.

Sometimes, a couple of series losses can be an investment for many better tours ahead. Here are 5 positives to come out of the England series loss, provided they are addressed appropriately by the management.

Individualistic opinions over the 'Yes-men' approach

England v India: Specsavers 2nd Test - Day Four

It is no surprise that the current Indian team is Virat Kohli's team. The coach, selectors, board - all bow down to Kohli and agree to everything the captain wants. Now, while the intentions of Kohli are noble, they may not always be the right decision from the team's perspective. Kohli, the batsman is far far superior to Kohli the leader.

At such a time, he needs experience, he needs someone who has led the team before and understands test cricket, to guide him and point out his mistakes. From the outside, it looks as if Ravi Shastri is not that man. Anil Kumble voiced his opinion to him before, and we all know the result of what transpired then. Kohli needs individualistic opinions and someone to guide him with a different point of view, instead of having Yes-Men all around him, and it seems that the BCCI is well aware of it.

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