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5 reasons why modern day Tests produce more results

Shubham Khare
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India recently won their Test series against New Zealand

The longest format of the game, Test cricket, over the years, has witnessed a drastic change from the way it was first played. The percentage of Tests ending in results was very less compared to the Tests in recent years and even with timeless Tests, many ended in draws.

Earlier, there wasn’t too much aggressive cricket and batsmen used to bat for as long as they wished to play for. The push for results was not as aggressive as it is today and hence, most games ended without a result with both teams piling on the runs.

But in the modern era, the game has changed and the mindset of the players is pretty different from those in the old times.

Here are the possible reasons why Tests these days produce more results than those from the previous eras:

#1 Increased scoring-rate, an impact of T20 cricket

David Warner Australia vs Sri Lanka
Players like David Warner can take a game away from the opposition in just one session

In the previous eras, batsmen had the patience to survive for days and could bat out phases of the game without even scoring a run and hence, the run rates were pretty low. Batsmen of yesteryear did not mind playing out continuous maiden overs and the big shots were minimal.

The advent of ODI cricket and T20 cricket has turned the mindset of the batsmen, who are constantly in the hunt for runs. The number of maiden overs has reduced considerably and the run-rates have gotten higher.

Today, the run-rates of over 3 are quite common and teams at times score more than 4 runs an over. Scores of 300 runs in a day are achieved easily and set batsmen are capable of scoring more than 100 runs in a session.

Batsmen like Virender Sehwag, David Warner, and AB de Villiers have completely revolutionised Test cricket as they don’t mind taking the aerial route to score quick runs. The increased scoring-rates result in the games ending inside 5 days more often than not.

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