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7 instances of epic sledging in cricket

Aakash Hari
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Cricket is a game fueled by passion, which means that a lot of time, cricketers are so involved in the game that they often take digs at their opponents which makes us question the term 'Gentlemen's Game'.

Sledging is mostly carried out to weaken the opposition's concentration by intimidating them verbally and trying to get under their skin. Australians are infamous for their sledging techniques, that turned out to be controversial, more often than not.

There are have been numerous instances of sledging through the ages and here is a list of 5 of the most epic instances of sledging in the game.

1. Shane Warne and Daryll Cullinan

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South African batsman Daryll Cullinan was known for struggling against the bowling of the legendary Shane Warne. The two hadn't played against each other for quite a while and when they finally did, Warne, being the typical Australian, said: "I've been waiting two years for another chance at you..." (To humiliate him)

Daryll quickly replied with a zinger: "Looks like you spent it eating!"

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