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Answers - How well do you know your Ashes

Ram Narayan
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The Ashes - Captains Trophy Photo Call
1.      Let’s start from the very beginning. Who had figures of 7/46 and 7/44 in the Test at the Oval in 1880, helping in the 7-run victory that gave birth to The Ashes?

Frederick Spofforth.

Involved in a bit of gamesmanship with W G Grace, and that pepped him up to give it right back to them, and the rest, is, history!

2.      Which is the ONLY other side to have played in a series where the Ashes were at stake?

South Africa, at the 1912 Triangulars. Australia and England placed the Ashes at stake for whoever won more games between them.

3.      Who are the only two captains to have won Ashes series by 5-0 margins?

Ricky Ponting in 2005 and Warwick Armstrong in 1921. Easy one there!!

4.      Before the iconic 2005 series, which was the last English victory in a “live” Ashes Test?

The first Test of the 1997 Ashes, at Edgbaston. All of the others were dead rubbers

5.      Who was the hero of the 1981 Ashes, with three stand-out performances that resulted in a 3-1 victory?


Not for nothing, is the 1981 series called Botham’s Ashes..!!

6.      Who has scored most runs in Ashes history?

Don Bradman. When in doubt, take The Don’s name!!

7.    Which of these venues hosted an Ashes Test for the first time ever in 2009?

SWALEC, Cardiff.

8.      Who took the catch that resulted in England’s 2-run victory at Edgbaston in 2005?

Geraint Jones. If you missed it live, ESPN Star would have helped you with this, with their numerous re-runs!

9.      Who was Australia’s only Man-of-the-Match in the 2010-11 Ashes?

For all his Ishant Sharma impersonations, Mitchell Johnson got it on target for once, at Perth.

10.  Who was the Australian captain for the infamous 1932-33 Bodyline series?

Bill Woodfull.

11.  Who has taken the most number of wickets in Ashes history?

Well, if he could take 40 wickets in a series his team lost, it could ONLY be Shane Warne!!

12.  Who took the other wicket that Jim Laker missed in his 19/90, in the 1956 Manchester Test Match?

Tony Lock.

13.  Which cricketer nicknamed “Typhoon”, was the architect of England’s victory in the 1954-55 tour of Australia?

Get it from the nickname! “Typhoon” HAS to be Tyson!

14.  Which pair famously involved in a bust-up in a Melbourne pub in 1977, a story that has more variations than even Shane Warne had?

Two of the most combative cricketers ever! Ian Botham and Chappell..!

15.Who holds the record for the highest individual score in a Womens’ Ashes Test?

You either knew this or you didn’t. 209 by Karen Rolton, 2001

16.    The last 3 times it has happened, were at  the March 1977 Melbourne Test, the August 1980 Lord’s Test and the January 1988 Sydney Test. When was the last time before 1977 that it happened?

1882, Melbourne

The toughest one of the lot. Those three were the Centennary Test, the English Centennary Test (for cricket in England), and the MCC Bicentennary Test respectively, and the Ashes weren’t at stake! The last England-Australia Test without an urn to play for, was the one before the legend was born!

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