Australia - A haven for controversial umpiring decisions 

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Ashwin Srinivasa

#4 Andrew Symonds's caught behind decision in Sydney - 2008

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Steve Bucknor was the chief protagonist in this incident. When India had reduced Australia for 134 for 6 on the first day of the second test, people expected an Aussie fightback. Andrew Symonds lead the Australian fightback by counter-attacking the Indian bowlers in the company of Brad Hogg.

When it looked like he would run away with the game, Ishant Sharma produced an out-swinger which did a bit of the surface and produced a big nick. Indian players started celebrating only to see Steve Bucknor ruling the decision in the batsman's favour. It seemed as if the whole of SCG had heard the nick except the umpire. Symonds survived the appeal and went on to score a big century to bolster Australia to 469.

#3 Sachin Tendulkar's LBW decision in Sydney - 2000

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Sachin Tendulkar is destiny's child when it comes to umpiring howlers. Whenever he made the trip Down Under he had had to endure some really tough decisions. Being a true gentleman of the game he never criticized or reacted to those dismissals and just took them in his stride and moved on.

One such dismissal was in Sydney in 2000, India was batting first and they had lost four wickets and Sachin was the only hope to help India reach a decent total. After hitting McGrath for three consecutive boundaries, Sachin had reached 45. McGrath produced the perfect in-swinger which clearly struck the great man above the knee-roll. Ian Robinson ruled that in the bowler's favour and Sachin impressive 45 came to an end.

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