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5 cricketers and WWE Superstars with a similar personality

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WWE Superstar Kane and cricketer Virender Sehwag
WWE Superstar Kane and cricketer Virender Sehwag

Even though Cricket and WWE are two highly contrasting sports with very minute similarities, they both often witnessed personalities with similar characters.

The rules, regulations, and stipulations might vary a lot between professional wrestling and cricket, but several players from both the spectra of entertainment resemble each other in terms of achievements, attitudes, traits, hallmarks and other features.

Here is a list of five such players from both the fields who have a similar outlook on various attributes of life.

#5 Kevin Pietersen and CM Punk - Rift with management

Both KP and Punk had issues with management which lead to their dismissal
Both KP and Punk had issues with management which lead to their dismissal

Kevin Pietersen was a flamboyant, outspoken, stylish modern-day batsman. He innovated the switch-hit in cricket which was a highly popular yet controversial shot. Kevin Pietersen had the ability and zeal to perform as a big-time player and could hit hard hitting shots with ease. His talent was such, that despite being rejected by the national squad, he was always the first preference over other players for any of the domestic teams he represented. He used to occasionally bowl off-spin and was successful in breaking many partnerships. However, he could not get along with his team management and was sidelined from the national side. He even retired once but did make a return back to the squad.

CM Punk was an 'agent of change' in the WWE. He always wanted to opine and didn't toe the company line. He was back to back and the first ever two times Money in the Bank match winner. He held various championships in WWE, including the WWE title for a record number of 434 days. Punk had unique moves and his kicks were his assets. He has a huge fan following and they still hope he comes back from his retirement. However, Punk was an anti-management kind of person who had issues with the WWE and thus does not intend to come back.

This two personalities, despite being from two different sports industry has many similarities in their mannerism and daily practices.

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