Cricketers and their signature shots

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Cricket, recognized as the Gentleman's Game, is one of the most watched sports around the globe. With the advent of the shorter version of the game, its popularity has risen across the years. Recently, a new version of the game, T10 was played in UAE back in December 2017.

There are a plethora of reasons for a fan to cherish for, be it spectacular batting or some fiery spell. Maestros of the game have left an indelible mark on some shots. There is no better sight than to witness their execution from the willows of the masters.

Let's have a look at such shots and their specialists.

#1. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- Straight Drive

One can watch Sachin's straight drive for a hundred times and ask for more. That was the grandeur of the master's incompatible stature. It wouldn't matter to him whether it is a half volley or a good length delivery. In a fraction of second, the ball would be seen running towards the fence. Even his paddle swipe, upper-cut, cover drives were sublime as well still, the straight drive was special.

#2. Brian Charles Lara- Late Cut

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The legendary Caribbean batsman is among the most stylish players to play the game. He had a vast array of shots, but his late cut was a special one. The way he used to toy spinners with his high backlift was remarkable. Also, his loft over the off-side was a top-class shot.

#3. Ricky Ponting- Pull Shot

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Punter aka Ponting probably the best captain of the cricket history had mastered the art of pulling and hooking the ball. Anything above his waist area would be dispatched over the mid wicket area. He was a classy batsman and had other glamorous shots like cover drive, on-drive, but was the best puller of the world for a reason.

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Edited by Vignesh Ananthasubramanian
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