International players should wear new helmets, or could be suspended, says ICC

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Players will have to wear the new helmet
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What’s the story?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) today has made it mandatory for all International cricketers to wear the latest helmets which adhere to the British Safety Standard. This rule would me made mandatory for both men and women cricketers. 

“Our number one priority is to have all batsmen wearing the safest helmets available rather than to see players sanctioned. It has been pleasing to see that the vast majority of international players have been wearing compliant helmets since January 1, but some teams have requested more time to assist them in implementing the new regulation before the sanctioning process commences,” Geoff Allardice, ICC’s General Manager said. 

In case you didn’t know...

The International Cricket Council have been very serious with safety regulations, especially after the tragic demise of Phillip Hughes, and have imposed many regulations on helmet manufacturers. 

Different nations have also adopted these regulations. However, there are few countries which asked for more time to comply with the diktat. 

The new helmets have an extension at the back of their head, which prevents the ball from sneaking in and hitting them on their neck. 

The heart of the matter

The new regulations would be enforced from February 1, after which there would be sanctions imposed on players who do not wear helmets adhering to the new British Standard BS7928:2013.

According to the new rule, an official warning would be issued after a breach in the first two matches, after which the player would be suspended for one match.

These new sanctions have been imposed after the MCC advised ICC to ensure standard helmet regulations after there were many instances where players refused to comply with the new helmets which resulted in many injuries. 

The committee shot also refused to accept Cricket Australia’s proposal to allow for a ‘concussion substitute’ to be trialled for two years in first-class cricket. 

What next?

These sanctions were always coming after many instances of players getting injured came to the fore. Also, after the MCC suggestions, the ICC had to put its feet down and issue a statement. 

The response of the cricketing nations would now be under the scanner and how the players adjust to the newer helmets would be an interesting watch. 

Sportskeeda’s Take

The ICC is entirely justified in imposing these sanctions, and player safety has to be paramount at all times. The onus now lies on the players, and they should ideally not be hesitant in embracing the change. 

With the fear of being suspended, the players could finally fall in line which in the end bodes well for the game. 

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