"Hopefully whatever is going to go down, goes down ASAP" - Michael Clarke on the alleged rift between Cricket Australia and Justin Langer

Michael Clarke and Justin Langer are former teammates.
Michael Clarke and Justin Langer are former teammates.

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has appealed to Cricket Australia and Justin Langer to come to a conclusion for the sake of cricket in the country. The head coach's contract will reach its end later this year after being appointed following the Sandpaper gate scandal in 2018.

‘It’s out of control’: Michael Clarke urges Cricket Australia to make call on Justin Langer. 👇…

The top brass of Cricket Australia, including CEO Nick Hockley and Ben Oliver, were reportedly involved in a heated argument with Langer over the latter's future as head coach. The 51-year-old was apparently told that he would have to re-apply for the current position that he holds. The organization has gone on to strongly refute those claims.

The length of Langer's contract was also up for discussion. He will not entertain a short-term contract, especially after leading the team to success in the T20 World Cup and the Ashes recently. Clarke appreciates the work Langer has done with the team, but feels that the ongoing saga does not make anyone look good.

Speaking to Sky Sports Radio’s Big Sports Breakfast, Clarke said:

“He has done such a good job. It’s not great for Lang and certainly not great for Cricket Australia. So hopefully whatever is going to go down, goes down ASAP. If Lang is going to resign, do it ASAP.”

The 40-year-old added:

“If Cricket Australia is going to make him reapply for his job and he doesn’t want to do that so he quits, do that ASAP. If they are going to offer him a contract, let’s get this done. It’s horrible at the moment. We’ve just had an awesome summer, the T20 World Cup… And now we are reading this.”

Langer's intense personality has been an impending concern with the cricketing board and the players as well. Australian captain Aaron Finch claimed the coach was asked to take a back seat during their T20 World Cup triumph last year.

"How can that not stay private? It is out of control" - Michael Clarke

The World Cup winning captain was baffled by the details of the meeting that were making the rounds. Clarke failed to understand how the leak took place and stressed that it was not doing anyone any good. He added:

“This is splashed all over the media and there is inside gossip. You pretty much have exactly what happened in the meeting with Cricket Australia. It’s there for everyone to read. How does that happen? How can that not stay private? It is out of control.”

Clarke went on to say:

“I don’t know what side it’s come from, how it’s got out or why it’s got out – I have a fair idea – either way, this is not helping anyone.”
"On performance, there is absolutely no way that Justin Langer cannot continue on as head coach of this Australian cricket team.” - Ricky Ponting#Ashes

Cricket Australia's refusal to give Langer a new deal stems from the fact that he has not been endorsed by his players. Team captains Aaron Finch and Pat Cummins have spoken highly of his work, but did not endorse him for another stint with the national team.

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