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Pranks which cricketers should watch out for on April Fool's day

6.46K   //    31 Mar 2013, 11:17 IST

“You mean to say, only one more cap on top of that?!”

Woohoo! It’s almost upon us, a period where everyone forgets their seriousness and act like total idiots, usually to the amusement of some, while leaving others (usually boring people) seething and angry. But wait, why are we talking about the IPL?

Let’s talk about April Fool’s Day. Now, while you and I do delightful pranks like sending out hoax emails, putting chilli powder in someone’s coffee or handing fake pink slips at work (total fun!), I’m sure the world of cricketers wouldn’t be too far behind either. Surely, just because they’re international superstars doesn’t mean that they can’t have a bit of fun once in a while.

So here is a list of pranks various people in the cricketing fraternity can play on each other.

01. The ICC can tell Chris Gayle that he can play for a maximum of only 3 T20 teams per year.

02. The PCB says they officially accept Shahid Afridi’s latest retirement.

03. The PCB tells all Pakistani cricketers that they will do age verification from now on.

04. N Srinivasan announces that the IPL will now be renamed The Lalit Modi Trophy.

05. The Queen sends a notice to Ravindra Jadeja, saying there are no slots left for knighthood this year, and whether he would be fine with an OBE for now.

06. The ICC tells the SL cricket board that because of a database backend change, all cricketers will need to have a maximum full-name limit of 255 characters.


07.  Hide Ravi Shastri’s mic, without which he’ll feel helpless and insecure.

08. Tell Sreesanth that the Kochi Tuskers has been re-started and that he’s the captain-cum-mascot.

09. Tell Sachin Tendulkar that ODIs are now not officially counted as international matches, meaning he now has only 51 international centuries (get ready for him to play till 80!).

10. ICC to send a notice to the BCCI saying that countries that don’t implement DRS will not be allowed to conduct T20 tournaments of their own.

11. BCCI to send notice to ICC saying that they don’t need international cricket, to focus solely on IPL. (!)

12. Ravindra Jadeja to be told that all his EA Cricket scores will be counted towards his overall records.

13. Boycott is actually challenged to get his grandmum to face fast bowling to see if she can, indeed, whack that out of the park.

14. All oldies in the IPL told that they must have played at least one international match in the last season in order to qualify playing for the IPL. (Suddenly, this gives rise to a number of requests for matches against Namibia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Papua New Guinea and Burkina Faso).

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