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President Mustafa Kamal threatens to expose mischief-makers in ICC to avenge World Cup trophy snub

6.35K   //    30 Mar 2015, 22:23 IST
World Cup trophy being handed to Australia’s Michael Clarke by ICC Chairman N Srinivasan

ICC President Mustafa Kamal walked out of the World Cup presentation ceremony after being denied his ‘constitutional right’ to hand over the trophy to the champion team – the honour being given to Chairman N Srinivasan – and the man from Bangladesh has now threatened to reveal ‘mischief-makers’ in the world governing body in revenge.

"I was supposed to give the trophy. It is my constitutional right. But very unfortunately, my rights were dishonoured. After I go back home, I will let the whole world know what's happening in ICC.

“I will let the whole world know about those guys who are doing these mischievous things," 

According to the constitution of the ICC, the President is indeed the designated person to give away the trophy, despite the post being a more ceremonial post than the Chairman’s.

Kamal has said he will seek legal advice and speak to head of state Sheikh Hasina to decide his course of action, but that he eventually plans to reveal details of ICC’s ugly closet.

Have been robbed of right to speak truth: ICC President

Kamal earned ire of ICC members a few days ago by complaining of ‘umpiring bias’ in the India vs Bangladesh quarter final, and insinuating that India had flexed its muscles to get desired results – he had also suggested the ICC would be more appropriately called Indian Cricket Council.

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan had been given the benefit of the doubt in marginal calls by the umpires in the 109-run victory, leading to outrage in the country of Bangladesh.

"I commented on poor umpiring and even the ICC issued a press release. I was the president, I am the president and I will remain the president. But I have been robbed of my constitutional rights to speak the truth, to speak for cricket and to stand for cricket,” said the Bangladeshi President in interviews.

"I had spoken for ICC and I had not spoken against any country. But as a cricket lover I spoke. That is why I could not give away the trophy.”

According to reports, ICC’s Indian Chairman Srinivasan expressed anger at Kamal’s accusations, and at an ICC meeting in Melbourne on Saturday called at his behest, Kamal was categorically told that he wouldn't be allowed to hand over the trophy.

Kamal left the stadium midway through the final match between Australia and New Zealand, and was conspicuous by his absence in the tournament presentation ceremony.

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