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Ravi Shastri says Virat Kohli allowed to be even more aggressive

5.82K   //    28 Jan 2016, 15:03 IST
Team Director Ravi Shastri endorses Kohli’s aggression

There have been many instances that former players have cautioned restraint in view of unbridled aggression and burning passion expressed vehemently by current players.

Usually when a player behaves in a manner which some may find untowardly aggressive, the legends and team administrators of that player's country advice him to take a step back.
That is most definitely not the case with regards to Virat Kohli currently. His back and forth exchange with the Australians has garnered spotlight and scrutiny. He has even drawn the ire of Australian captain Steve Smith who believed that Kohli ought to refrain from celebrating after taking a wicket.
But Virat Kohli's aggression, far from being frowned upon, is being endorsed by the team director Ravi Shastri. Shastri has spoken about how Kohli has played against the Australians. He said, “It’s the only way to play them. Look them in the eye, and give it back.” He added "That was my philosophy as a player as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that."
Shastri also gave credit to Kohli's remarkable current form and added that his aggressive style pays dividends for him. "It works for Virat. His batting last year was magnificent, but he’s taken it to another level this year."
He further stated that he endorsed Virat Kohli's aggression and would not have it any other way. “He plays aggressively, and the Australian crowds, by and large, seem to love that. As team director, I will not tell him to do anything different. If anything, he can up the ante.” he said.
Sunil Gavaskar has also heaped praise upon Virat Kohli while complimenting his sound technique. He said "He is at the moment from a different planet. He is making it look so simple. The beauty about his batting is the top hand, when needed to play shots on the on side and the same delivery, same line, same length the bottom hand comes into play and he whips it to mid-wicket, so what does a bowler do. How does any bowler stop a man in such tremendous touch.”
Another legend who also had glowing praise to heap upon Virat kohli was Vivian Richards. He had said some years ago “I love watching Kohli bat. He looks to me like an individual after my own heart. I love his aggression, and serious passion that I used to have. He reminds me of myself.”
It is worth nothing that kohli was not fined for his celebration after taking Steve Smith's catch. It seems that as long as he toes the fine line between aggression and unruliness, he can carry on charging ahead.
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