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Sachin Tendulkar - A class apart from the rest

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Just a few days ago, a former Ranji player asked me as to why Sachin Tendulkar is very often termed as the greatest player? Obviously, I mentioned his records, the image of a thorough gentleman, unparalleled fame etc.

He agreed and added that apart from an excellent player, Tendulkar is also a perfect father, son, husband, leader, social worker, friend, and celebrity. He is a perfect role model for one and all.

Given the apprehensions about his future plans cropping up so rapidly, many of his followers think Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has already decided the time when he will say his final goodbyes. A goodbye after many thrilling and killing performances spread across 25 glorious and unforgettable years. It is just a matter of time, perhaps after his 200th test match.

Practically everyone from the world of cricket has shared their opinion about the master blaster, his game and the probable span of time he is likely to play. Recently, another stalwart of Indian cricket and one of its most successful captains, Ganguly had expressed his opinion. Today, another veteran opener Chetan Chauhan has expressed his concerns over Sachin Tendulkar.

Chetan Chauhan was talking to the media in Patna and he categorically said that Sachin Tendulkar has got a hunger for scoring runs, and he is the only one to decide the timing of his retirement. He further clarified that though Tendulkar has not scored a century in the last two tears, he still has enough power left. Therefore, Chauhan claimed that Tendulkar was not going to retire so soon.

Chauhan opined that during the upcoming tour of South Africa, team India will be in dire need of the rich experience and class of Tendulkar. Even after the series, Sachin might decide to continue playing, keeping in view his fitness and form. Only he will decide for himself; when it is the right time to quit.

Very few can match the way he plays his straight drives and square cuts. It has been a real pleasure to watch him bat. And he has played many crucial innings for his country.

Even otherwise, as a batsman, Tendulkar has already scaled new heights in almost every stream of the game. It has become almost impossible to beat all the records he has set. He has got name, fame, money, status, glory, and an unparalleled fan following around the globe. He is perhaps the most loved player not only on account of his cricketing skills but his silent participation in charity, social causes, concern for promoting other games, and still being a humble star for millions of fans across the globe.

It would be a thrilling prospect to imagine the master coaching youngsters such as Sanju Samson and Unmukt Chand. Also, as a father, he will hopefully see his son Arjun following in his footsteps within a few years’ time. What more can one pray for?

Apart from his retirement, what I am very eager to know is the time when this legend will be conferred with the coveted Bharat Ratna. And nn a personal note, Sachin Tendulkar is the one whom I adore for being a thorough gentleman, next only to Mahatma Gandhi.

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