SK Cricket Epic Fails: Virat Kohli's exuberance costs India penalty runs

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli, mischevious and competitive at the same time.

The Indian skipper is a bundle of energy. Be it when tumbling across the turf to stop singles or when gesturing to his mates to get the field placements right, he’s constantly in motion. And when not doing any of that, he’s engrossed in appeals and thereafter, in punching the air in celebration of a wicket well earned.

Virat Kohli is forever in the thick of things and his exuberance is there for all to witness. His overbearing desire to be at the top of his game and win at all times have earned him plaudits in plenty and drawn the occasional ire of a critic (for his uncertainty over the DRS usage).

On day 1 of the Chennai Test today, his energy was on display again as he feverishly gave chase to a runaway ball off the inside edge of Joe Root’s bat in the 25th over. Fairly routine, you would think. But when it’s Kohli, expected the unexpected.

From first-slip, the Indian skipper chased the ball towards the fine-leg boundary. He got there well inside the ropes, picked it up and flung it back to Parthiv Patel in one brisk and fluent motion.

Still fairly routine for all those who have followed the exploits of Virat Kohli. The only difference here though was the fact that the throw, instead of taking the stumps down, struck the helmet placed behind the keeper.

“I think we’re going to have extra runs here”, said Nasser Hussain. A visibly embarrassed Kohli sported a grin on his face as the outcome became apparent. Laxman Shivaramkrishan was chuckling in the commentary box as well. “He Loves to throw the ball”, he said.

Ravi Shastri however, was quick in his defence of Kohli. “He’s human”, he said.

See the video here:

5 penalty runs

Per Law 41, “If a helmet belonging to the fielding side is on the ground within the field of play, and the ball while in play strikes it, the ball shall become dead. 5 penalty runs shall then be awarded to the batting side.”

The umpire therefore, wasted no time in signalling 5 penalty runs to England. And as Parthiv Patel went up to pick up the helmet, there were smiles all round.

Joe Root and Moeen Ali were at the crease when this occurred. The duo shared a vital 146 run partnership to take England to a position of strength on day 1 of the final Test at Chennai.

Root however, was dismissed ahead of tea when DRS ruled in India’s favour.

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