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Top 3 bizarre trophies in cricket

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By this time, you must have seen Aaron Finch and Sarfraz Ahmed holding a giant trophy, the top of which is a biscuit. In case you haven't seen it yet, you heard it right - a biscuit. The Tuc T20I Cup trophy has made its way into numerous hilarious memes and is now the hot topic of ridicule in cricket.

However, it would be foolish to think that this is the first bizarre trophy in cricket. Over the years, we have seen many obnoxious trophy designs that caught more attention than the series. Perhaps a better designer would have saved the organizers from all the humiliation, or perhaps the designers should have avoided trying too many things.

Whatever it is, some trophies have made us laugh so much that it is hard to forget about it. Let us have a look at three such bizarre trophy designs barring the aforementioned one:

#3 Caribbean Premier League 2017

A cluster of hands
A cluster of hands

If it is in the Caribbean, it is ought to be funny and entertaining. But who would have thought that their trophy itself will turn into a laughing stock? If you have seen the animations of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, you must have noticed how multiple hands try to reach out for the trophy and it eventually results in a supreme golden trophy.

But those at the helm of designing responsibilities must have taken it way too seriously and it resulted in a grotesque mess of numerous hands, all reaching out for what seems like a silver ball, and such is the number of hands that the ball is barely visible. Quite unsurprisingly so, the trophy was changed this year.

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