Virat Kohli responds to Ian Healy's comments

Kohli may seem combustible on the pitch but has so far managed to tread the line carefully as captain
Modified 07 Mar 2017

What’s the story?

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli has hit back at Ian Healy who said that he was starting to lose respect for Kohli. After India’s incredible come-from-behind victory in the second Test at Bengaluru, Kohli said Healy’s opinion makes no difference to him.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, he said: “We’ve got 1.2 billion people in India. One person doesn’t make a difference to my life. And also I think you should go and search on YouTube, when he (Ian Healy) was given out in Centurion, down the leg side. I heard he said something about me not having good behavior with umpires – I think you all should YouTube that video and I think, yeah, that says it all. Just see that video and next time you ask me the same question.”

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The Context

Legendary Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy wasn’t happy with Virat Kohli’s antics on the pitch during the Bengaluru Test as he said that he was “losing respect” for the Indian Test captain and also said what he did with Steve Smith was “unacceptable”.

The Details

While Kohli is renowned for his aggressive nature, there was certainly no point during the second Test in which he crossed the line. In fact, if anyone did, it was Steve Smith, who looked at the dressing room for confirmation after being adjudged LBW by Nigel Llong.

The video that Kohli was referring to, is from the 1997 Test between South Africa and Australia, which the Proteas won by eight wickets. After being given out caught behind off the bowling of Brett Schultz, Healy was furious at the umpire, although it looked as though it was a regulation strangle down the leg side.

Not only was Healy visibly unhappy with the decision and shouting expletives as soon as he was given out but he also proceeded to throw the bat as he was climbing the stairs that led to the dressing room and was even given a two-match suspension for his behavior in this Test.

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Sportskeeda’s Take

Australians are renowned for sledging and for treading the line on many occasions, so it was certainly surprising to see Ian Healy’s comments on Kohli’s aggression. And the incident that Kohli referred to just shows that the keeper has no moral high ground to claim as far as not behaving in the right manner on the field is concerned.

It also serves as a reminder that the Indian captain is aware of what is being said about him and isn’t ready to back down from a challenge or accusations thrown at him.

Published 07 Mar 2017
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