3 ways you can play Minecraft for free

Image credits: Microsoft
Image credits: Microsoft

Minecraft is one of the most beloved video games ever created and has been around for more than ten years, though its popularity doesn’t seem to diminish. However, we can’t all afford the game at a moment’s notice and take part in the creative gameplay that Minecraft offers.

But before you get your hands on some disposable income to buy the latest edition of Minecraft, you can easily have some fun with the game for absolutely free. In this article, we look at some ways to play this title for free!

Three ways to play Minecraft at no cost

1. Minecraft Classic

Image credits: Reddit
Image credits: Reddit

On the tenth anniversary of the game, Mojang released the Classic Minecraft version to the world as a free browser game. Mojang wanted players to relive the nostalgia of the original game and have them enjoy the beginnings of Minecraft, complete with bugs and all.

This means you can play this game with the original 32 blocks and go crazy making your pixelated world!

Play the game here.

2. Minecraft Trial

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Mojang wants to make sure that before you fully commit to Minecraft and buy whatever version of the game that you want to play, you should have the chance to experience it first-hand. That’s precisely why they made Minecraft Trial available on all platforms that the game is available on.

You can play the trial for up to 90 minutes, giving you ample time to check the interface of Minecraft and give you an idea about what’s in store when you buy the game!

Download the Trial here.

3. Minecraft Earth

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Minecraft Earth is an Android game made by Mojang that is their first step into the world of augmented reality. This game is still in early access and is available to play for free on Google Play Store.

It follows a similar approach to that of the original Minecraft, but one where you can bring that world live into your living room. Collect, explore, craft, build, and step into your creations to get the best and most immersive experience of Minecraft ever!

Download the game here.

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