5 best 4-star swords for Ayaka in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayaka and two 4-star swords (Image via Genshin Impact)
Kamisato Ayaka and two 4-star swords (Image via Genshin Impact)

Kamisato Ayaka will have her first rerun banner in Genshin Impact on April 19, alongside three 4-star characters: Sayu, Razor, and Rosaria. As one of the best DPS in the game, players are naturally excited to have a second chance to wish for her.

Free-to-play gamers, especially, are counting the days to when they will get the Kamisato Princess on their account. After all, Ayaka is very compatible with most weapons in the game. This gives players time to build her properly without spending any Primogems on weapon banners in Genshin Impact.

5 best 4-star Swords for Ayaka in Genshin Impact

1) Blackcliff Longsword

  • Max Base ATK at Level 90: 565
  • Max Secondary Stat: 36.8% Crit Damage

For F2P players, Blackcliff weapons are always a good choice. Blackcliff Longsword is ideal for Kamisato Ayaka because of its Crit Damage sub-stat and attack-boosting passive.

It's easy for her to stack Crit Rate as a Cryo character as it can be increased by 40% with Blizzard Strayer and 15% more with Cryo Resonance. As a result, Ayaka has a free Crit Rate of 60%, with the addition of a 5% base stat. In other words, by equipping this weapon, all players need to do is stack as much Crit Damage as they can.

2) Black Sword

  • Max Base ATK at Level 90: 510
  • Max Secondary Stat: 27.6% Crit Rate

As mentioned before, Ayaka can stack her Crit Rate easily with the help of artifacts and elemental resonance. Nevertheless, if players would much rather have an actual Crit Rate number, the Black Sword is the one for her. Note that this sword can only be obtained from the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact.

However, players should look at Ayaka's artifacts to make sure they don't have too much Crit Rate. For example, if Travelers equip the Kamisato Princess with 4-Blizzard Strayer and place her in a team with another Cryo character, it's easy to have excessive Crit Rates.

3) Amenoma Kageuchi

  • Max Base ATK at Level 90: 454
  • Max Secondary Stat: 55.1% ATK

Kamisato Ayaka's greatest choice for new players is Amenoma Kageuchi. In Genshin Impact, you can get this weapon by forging it. The base attack is modest, but the weapon compensates with a stronger attack sub-stat.

If the Black Sword and Blackcliff Longsword focus on Ayaka's Crit Rate and Crit Damage, this sword focuses on her Energy Recharge. Ayaka will gain one stack after utilizing her Elemental Skill. The stack will then be consumed to replenish 6 Energy for the Kamisato Princess if she uses Elemental Burst (maximum three stacks).

4) Iron Sting

  • Max Base ATK at Level 90: 510
  • Max Secondary Stat: 165 Elemental Mastery

Another 4-star option for Ayaka in Genshin Impact is Iron Sting, a weapon that is available for everyone. This sword is a forgeable one, and it should be relatively easy to obtain for most players. However, Elemental Mastery's secondary stats are a bit of an unusual weapon for Ayaka. It's best used with Reverse Melt teams with Xiangling or other Pyro support characters.

Even without it, Ayaka's passive ability ensures that her Cryo Charged Attacks are constantly enhanced. Because whenever she uses this blade to do elemental damage, she has a damage boost of up to 12%.

5) The Flute

  • Max Base ATK at Level 90: 510
  • Max Secondary Stat: 41.3% ATK

The Flute is a decent sword for a 4-star weapon, especially when supporting Ayaka's Normal and Charged Attacks. The high base attack and good secondary stat will undoubtedly benefit her.

Its special ability allows Ayaka to stack a Harmonic upon using Normal or Charged Attacks. Once five stacks of Harmonic are collected, it will deal 100% Attack Damage to the surrounding enemies.

Even with 4-star swords, Ayaka still manages to carry the team in Spiral Abyss with the right team composition and skill rotation. Players who do not have enough Primogems can save their currency for a new character like Yelan and use a 4-star sword on Ayaka in Genshin Impact.

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