5 best action adventure games to play on the PlayStation Plus Extra

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best action adventures playable on the PlayStation Plus Extra (Image via Rockstar)
Red Dead Redemption is one of the best action adventures playable on the PlayStation Plus Extra (Image via Rockstar)

Action adventure games remain one of the most popular genres of video games in recent times. The size and scale of a good action adventure inadvertently mean that they are always attempted by large developers and released worldwide to a lot of fanfare. In the console wars, PlayStation exclusives that give them an edge are often titles of this genre.

Despite the resounding success of Microsoft's Game Pass over the last few years, Sony's offering has mostly remained the same until now. Back in March 2022, Sony announced that they were bringing in major reforms and would merge their PS Plus and PS Now services to offer PlayStation users a three-tiered membership.

Earlier this month, they started rolling out the service, with North America being the first to receive it, and it's expected to go live in Europe and Asia by the end of this month.

Listed below are the five best action adventure titles that are accessible via the middle tier or the PlayStation Plus Extra.

Action adventure games that make the PlayStation Plus Extra worth every penny

5) Control: Ultimate Edition


The action-packed paranormal adventure, the ultimate edition of Control, contains all its DLCs and story expansions and comes with new improvements to make it prettier and more stable. Initially released in 2019 by Remedy Entertainment, Control isn't really a mainstream hit but is a well-reviewed game with a considerable cult following.

Based in the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBI with a paranormal touch), the story revolves around Jesse Faden as she tries to solve the mystery of a supernatural force that is enslaving her colleagues. Featuring a solid campaign with a deeply compelling premise, the central mystery continues to evolve and draw players into the bizarre universe of the game.

The telekinetic abilities available to the protagonist and a shape-shifting service weapon that keeps changing according to the need make for a solid gameplay experience and make the combat slick and responsive.

4) Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition


Few can resist the joy of controlling our favorite web slinger in an open-world action adventure, and that's why Sony recently announced that the remastered edition of the game would soon be available for PC users as well. The GOTY edition includes the original 2018 campaign and "The City That Never Sleeps" DLC.

The 15-hour+ adventure tells a surprisingly deep tale that portrays the plight of Spider-Man and Peter Parker with great emotional success. The gameplay feels amazing with the right amount of crawling, jumping, wall-running, and web-zapping coupled with well-nuanced movement physics and animations.

The combat is pretty satisfying and requires players to move fast and stay on their toes while using the destructible environment to their advantage. Along with the basic combos, there are many unlockable skills and gadgets that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging with progression.

3) Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut


The director's cut of Ghost of Tsushima brought the PS4 exclusive action adventure with its DLCs to the PS5. By maintaining a 4K resolution even at 60 frames per second, this definitive experience makes an already beautiful game even more stunning.

This is a fictional tale told with imaginary characters but based on the very real invasion of Japan by the Mongols in 1274. Ghost of Tsushima has players take control of Jin Sakai, a samurai who finds that the restrictive bushido code might not be best suited to take on this new existential threat.

The best part of the game is that there isn't any traditional level-based stats progression. Instead, different techniques and stances get unlocked, which provide players with new and better ways to take on formidable enemies.

2) Red Dead Redemption 2


A melancholic counterpoint to the madcap urban caricature of GTA V by the same developers, Red Dead Redemption 2 is considered one of the best action adventures of this generation. The open-world western setting makes this masterpiece a refreshing experience and transports players to the dying days of the wild west.

With 60+ hours of content, the game's storyline is what leaves a mark on players as they see the changing world from the eyes of a ragtag band of outlaws who find it challenging to fit in with society. The vast, staggering, detailed world is filled with NPCs and side quests, making exploring every corner of the wilderness worthwhile.

With rumors that the game is set to leave the PlayStation Plus Extra tier by the end of September, there isn't a moment to lose for fans of the game.

1) God of War


The iconic God-killer Kratos made a comeback into our hearts, but this time as the greatest dad of the nine realms in this action adventure which was released in 2018. Probably the most popular title of this genre, God of War is a masterful composition of outstanding interconnected parts, deliberate in its design and foreshadowing, which pays off in unexpected ways, both in gameplay and story.

A non-stop whirlwind of emotions, this cinematic experience comes with an exceptional music score, fantastic action gameplay, and rewarding exploration and puzzles.

Set in a gorgeous world, the story focuses on Kratos' relationship with his young son, Atreus, and features a stellar cast of iconic characters, most of whom are out to get them.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.