5 best Apex Legends guns for Arenas game mode

Some Apex Legends guns can be very potent (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Some Apex Legends guns can be very potent (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Season 11 has been great so far, and the majority of the community is pleased with the new content that Respawn Entertainment has added. The ranked grind has started, and with the addition of a new weapon, players are currently experimenting and figuring out the weapon meta for the Arenas game mode.

While it’s too early to ascertain the effect of the C.A.R SMG on the game meta, a few firearms stand out when playing the Arenas game mode in Apex Legends. The criteria of choosing the weapons are purely based on the performance and cost of purchasing them.

Five most potent guns for Arenas game mode in Apex Legends

5) Sentinel


Apex Legends players who enjoy sniping should consider this weapon. It has serious damage per shot and costs only 400 crafting metals. The gun is versatile as it can be used in mid and close-range fights.

Gamers can either take the high ground and provide cover from mid-range or push with teammates and use it in close-range gunfights.

4) Flatline


Flatline is an impactful assault rifle that can deal mega damage if used well. Apex Legends users should consider this weapon after the first two rounds when the team has accumulated enough crafting metals.

This firearm costs 550 crafting metals but is excellent for mid-range and close-range gunfights. Once players have the ability to counter the recoil, this gun will make them a threat to enemies.

3) R-301 Carbine


Apex Legends users who have been playing this game since its inception know just how good the weapon is. Its recoil pattern is easy to control, deals decent damage per shot, and is highly versatile as it can be used in close and mid-range gunfights.

This is a weapon that has been tested and is used by many pro players and streamers. The only issue is that the weapon’s price is relatively high, as it costs 600 crafting metals for the base version.

2) Prowler


In Apex Legends, the Prowler PDW is a deadly burst SMG that can obliterate enemies instantly. It might not be as versatile as the earlier weapons, but it is an exceptional weapon for close-range gunfights.

This gun is perfect for Arenas game mode since most gunfights are close range due to space limitations. This firearm costs only 400 crafting metals for its base version.

1) R-99


The R-99 SMG is one of the best guns in the game for both Arenas and BR game modes in Apex Legends. This weapon has a ridiculously fast fire rate capable of knocking enemies down using a single clip.

It costs 450 crafting metals and can be used from the second round onwards. This firearm is great even without the upgrades, provided gamers can make use of every single bullet in the magazine.

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