Top 5 FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Heroes to use in Ultimate Team

The FUT World Cup Hero cards is an exclusive in this year
The FUT World Cup Hero cards is an exclusive in this year's release (Images via EA Sports)

The FUT World Cup Heroes were introduced to FIFA 23 on November 11, and players can now obtain special cards for footballing legends. This is a special edition of the Standard Hero cards, marking the start of the celebrations for the FIFA World Cup event. EA Sports has already mentioned the special cards in the past, and players can now find them in packs or acquire them from the market.

There are plenty of options for players, with every position having representatives. While all the cards are great, a few FUT World Cup Heroes truly stand out when it comes to their stats and overalls. Let's take a look at five such cards that FIFA 23 players would prefer over the rest.

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Top 5 FUT World Cup Hero cards that offer a great advantage to FIFA 23 players

5) Sidney Govou


French footballer Sidney Govou's FUT World Cup Hero card looks rather strong from every angle. The card can be used in four positions in FIFA 23, offering incredible flexibility to players. It's not just the position, as this special card's stats also make it quite incredible.

Govou's card has 4* Skill Moves and 4* Weak Foot, along with a High attacking and Medium defensive work rate. This makes the card perfect for the CAM role and allows players to perform defensive duties whenever required. This special card also has 90 Pace and 90 Shooting, making the card very hard to tackle. On top of all of this, the card boasts 89 Dribbling, allowing players to control the ball effectively.

4) Claudio Marchisio


Claudio Marchisio's FUT World Cup Hero is a perfect option for FIFA 23 players who want a solid midfielder for their Ultimate Team squad. Interestingly, this card can be effectively played as a CM, CDM, or LM. The stats on the card make either of the first two positions ideal for him.

Marchisio has 4* Weak Foot and 4* Skill Moves which gives him the ability to control the midfield effectively. With these numbers, he can play on either side of the field. All the stats on the card are in the high-80s, making it a very robust option.

3) Diego Forlan


Picking between Diego Forlan and Rudolf Voller's FUT World Cup Hero cards is a difficult task. Both cards have the same overall, the same position, and similar stats. Forlan stands ahead for a few reasons, with the major one being that he's not as expensive. Additionally, Forlan's FUT World Cup Hero has 4* Skill Move, which is 1* better than Voller's. He also has a better passing ability, with an 83 rating.

The card has 90 Pace and 94 Shooting, which is astounding to say the least. When combined with his 4* Weak Foot, Forlan is a beast in front of the goal. His 4* Skill Move rating comes to life, thanks to his high agility and dribbling ratings.

2) Lucio


Lucio is arguably the best defensive FUT World Cup Hero card in FIFA 23. The legendary Brazilian centre-back is an immovable object and is quite difficult to dribble past. His card can keep things stable at the rear with a heavy defensive work rate.

With 93 Defending and 90 Physicality, the stats are as good as they can get for a card released at this point. Additionally, the card has a decent Passing rating of 76, which allows players to build up momentum from the back. Overall, it's a great defensive card to have and should fit well into any squad.

1) Yaya Toure


Yaya Toure's FUT World Cup Hero card in FIFA 23 is arguably one of the best cards that a player can find in the game. It can be played as a CDM, CAM, and CM, which is incredibly flexible in terms of positions. Moreover, the stats on the card also allow players to dominate those positions perfectly.

Like Marchisio in FIFA 23, Yaya Toure is a universal card regarding stats. The 82 Defending and 91 Physicality implies that players can use him as a CDM in the game. His 88 Passing is great for any one of the three positions he can play in. The 85 Shooting and 82 Pace are quite high, and can be further improved with the help of suitable chemistry styles. On top of all of that, it has 87 Dribbling, along with 4* Weak Foot and 4* Skill Move.

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