5 best first-person shooter (FPS) games on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has amassed some heavy hitters in the FPS genre as of this point (Image via EA)
The Nintendo Switch has amassed some heavy hitters in the FPS genre as of this point (Image via EA)
Siddharth Patil

The Nintendo Switch library has seen a surprising variety of FPS games. First-person shooters continue to be in high demand today. They may range from slower-paced moody adventures to adrenaline-fueled chaotic action, but they often offer unparalleled immersion and precision.

Like many other genres, the Nintendo Switch allows taking these experiences on the go. It's awe-inspiring to see some of the most well-known shooters in a handheld format.

So here are five of the best FPS games you can play on Big N's hybrid console.

Most splendid FPS experiences on Nintendo Switch

5) Metro Redux


Developed by 4A Games, the Metro Reux bundle brings two of the best post-apocalyptic survival horror FPS games to the popular handheld for the first time.

Take on Metro: 2033 and explore the subway tunnels of Moscow as Artyom. Inspired by a novel of the same name, players will battle mutated and supernatural threats on a journey to stop the Dark Ones from the surface above.

Last Light, meanwhile, features Artyom's aftermath of the battle with the Dark Ones. The protagonist must deal with other human dangers of the wasteland.

Both games have been remastered, featuring updated visuals over PS3/360 originals, including all DLC. Scavenge for resources and take on a gun-blazing approach or stealth undetected as the situation demands. Just don't forget to put your safety mask on.

4) Crysis 3 Remastered


The legendary 2013 FPS is back as part of the Crysis Trilogy Remastered. The latest entry in Crytek's sci-fi saga remains one of the best-looking games ever, especially on the Nintendo Switch's handheld screen.

Set in post-apocalyptic New York City, players once again control Prophet, who must uncover the truth behind the Nanodome surrounding the city.

The series returns to its original roots with a more open-ended sandbox design. Players will explore the lush environments of the levels teeming with enemies, and engage in handcrafted set pieces.

Players can once again take a hands-on approach to deal with enemies or bypass them entirely. This is partly thanks to the Nanosuit, which is making a comeback with its iconic powerups like invisibility.

3) Borderlands: Legendary Collection


2K's ever-popular FPS/RPG Borderlands franchise makes its Nintendo debut in a massive 3-game package. Featuring Borderlands, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 2, these looter shooter titles will last you a lifetime.

Explore Pandora in the first Borderlands for a mysterious alien vault while fighting off bandits and megacorporations who are after the treasures that lay within. In Borderlands 2, the planet is lush with a resource called Eriudium after its first title, and a new threat looms overhead named Handsome Jack.

Meanwhile, The Pre-Sequel showcases a younger Jack and his rise to the notorious villain he is known for. All three games feature first-person shooter combat but the class setup depth of RPGs.

Choose one of several Vault Hunters, each with unique traits, and take on the terrors that lurk on and outside Pandora.

The game's signature Diablo-inspired loot system features thousands of gun combos ranging from the mundane to the whacky. There's even more content to enjoy thanks to the inclusion of all DLCs (minus Fight for Sanctuary, which can be separately purchased)

2) BioShock The Collection


In this three-part Collection, players experience three of the best FPS games ever made. Visit the underwater city of Rapture in BioShock 1 and 2. Explore the horrors of the Splicers after crash landing into the ocean in the original.

Meanwhile, the sequel lets players maneuver one of the most feared baddies in gaming: Big Daddy. Infinite takes a step away from the thalassophobic setting and up into the skies of Colombia to save a woman named Elizabeth.

All three are linear, set-piece driven shooters where players can use Plasmids - spells of sorts that have varying effects from setting enemies ablaze to turning turrets friendly.

The freedom to approach gameplay, as well as the renowned horror setting, is influenced by System Shock. All DLCs for the games are included too.

1) DOOM Eternal


Easily the best FPS game in recent memory, DOOM Eternal sees a Nintendo Switch conversion despite being one of this generation's most technically ambitious games. Set after DOOM (2016), demons have invaded Earth and wiped out a good chunk of the population.

As DOOM Slayer, you must cease this for once and for all by infiltrating Hell itself. Engage in fast, fluid weapons combat and utilize DOOM 2016's Glory Kills to tear foes apart.

With the addition of platforming and weapon/resource micro-management, DOOM Eternal takes the challenge to the next level. The superb conversion comes courtesy of Panic Button, who also brought over two additional DLC expansions: The Ancient Gods Part One and Two.

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