5 best FUT card packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Packs are an essential part of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (Image via FIFPlay)
Packs are an essential part of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (Image via FIFPlay)

FIFA's card packs have been an integral part of the franchise ever since the introduction of Ultimate Team, and they continue to entice players even in FIFA 22. Opening a pack to get Kylian Mbappe or Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 is something every player hopes to do, keeping them hooked to the game.

However, FUT packs have been at the center of many controversies. EA Sports even had to face lawsuits as many claimed that these packs promote gambling.

FIFA 22 packs come with pre-defined odds and an accurate description of what a player possibly obtains and the associated probabilities. Different packs in FIFA 22 have different prices and give out different rewards. Here's a breakdown of each pack, their cost, and what to expect from them.

Top 5 packs that FIFA 22 players should open for Ultimate Team

Costlier may not always be better

While it may look simple, a more expensive pack may not necessarily be better in FIFA 22. Players should not only consider which pack they can afford, but they should also properly evaluate the valuation of each pack based on the rewards and their odds.

Note: The list below only lists packs that are available in stores that players can either buy with coins or FIFA points. Packs gained from achievements and rewards are not considered as they're user-specific.

5) Preview Gold Pack

Cost: 7500 coins

The Preview Gold Pack does not offer anything out of the ordinary, but it greatly reduces the chances of coins being wasted as FIFA 22 players can get a look at exactly which cards are inside. If they're satisfied with the outcome, they can then finalize the pack. By EA Sports' admissions, the Preview Gold Pack has been a major hit so far.

4) Rare Electrum Players Pack

Cost: 30000 coins

The Rare Electrum Players Pack is a hybrid pack that offers six gold and six silver players. However, all the player items from this pack are rare in FIFA 22, making it a good return for value, but it ranks lower on this list due to its over-reliance on luck.

3) Mega Pack

Cost: 35000


The Mega Pack in FIFA 22 has a whopping 30 items, out of which 18 are rare, and all 30 items are gold. It features in third place because not all items are player cards. However, there is an 80% chance for every player item to be 82+, which makes the pack a decent deal.

2) Rare Mega Pack

Cost: 55000 coins


The Rare Mega Pack may be more expensive than all the packs on this list, but it boasts of 26 Gold items out of 30 promised items. However, unlike the Mega Pack, all items are rare, and with similar odds, they have a lot better return value.

1) Five 81-86 Rated Players Pack

Cost: 20000 coins


This pack in FIFA 22 has a limited range of rewards that makes it a relatively safer pick. Players will not have the chance to get a Ronaldo or a Messi but, in return, will have a greater chance of getting usable player items and justifying the number of coins spent on them.

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