5 best games like Minecraft for beginners

Minecraft (Image credits: Minecraft)
Minecraft (Image credits: Minecraft)
Modified 18 Aug 2020
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If you're just starting out in the gaming world and have come across the genius game that is Minecraft, then you're probably already a fan.

Minecraft, with its quirky graphics and different kinds of servers and maps that you can enjoy, is a vast game that can sometimes be too much for a beginner. But Minecraft's basic survival gameplay is ideal for any new gamer.

If that's the kind of gameplay you seek, then there are a few other games like Minecraft that you should try as well.

Five best games like Minecraft for beginners

5) Terraria

Terraria (Image credits: Eneba)
Terraria (Image credits: Eneba)

Terraria has often been called a 2D Minecraft, and that's quite an accurate description of what the game feels like.

Terraria is an action and adventure sandbox game that requires the player to explore the whimsical 2D landscapes and gather items to craft and survive. The game also throws various kinds of enemies at you, but is simple enough for any beginner to master.

4) Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders (image credits: Wallpaper Cave)
Dragon Quest Builders (image credits: Wallpaper Cave)

Dragon Quest Builders is another Minecraft clone that's the perfect game for beginners who love the building aspect of it.

With slightly cleaner and more detailed graphics, the game is based in Alefgard, the disputed land of the Dragon Quest series. The world has been taken over by monsters and must now be rebuilt by the player from scratch,

 3) Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds (Image credits: Fortune)
Lego Worlds (Image credits: Fortune)

Minecraft has often been called the video game world's Lego, so it's natural that this original Lego video game is a lot like Minecraft.

Lego Worlds, however, focuses more on the creative building kind of gameplay than on survival. Lego Worlds requires the players to redesign and rebuild the world as per their wish and is perfect for any beginner who loves the creative mode in Minecraft. 

2) Vintage Story

Vintage Story (Image credits: Zueljin Gaming, Youtube)
Vintage Story (Image credits: Zueljin Gaming, Youtube)

Vintage Story is a brand new sandbox-survival game that is only available in early access right now. The game borrows heavily from the blocky graphics of Minecraft but adds its own spin in terms of the gameplay.

The game looks extremely promising for fans of the survival genre, as it throws the player into a primitive world, where you must survive by foraging, gathering, and crafting tools. 

1) Don't Starve

Don't Starve (Image credits: Bonus Stage)

Don't Starve is one of the best survival games out there, and though it has a much darker and more sinister feel than Minecraft, both games can be compared with each other.

Don't Starve is a game that focuses solely on hardcore survival, where you must collect enough resources, craft enough tools, and build a big enough shelter to survive during the dark and dangerous nights. This game is meant for beginners who like to challenge themselves.

Published 18 Aug 2020
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