5 best games like Minecraft for Xbox

Best games like Minecraft (Image credits: Logitech G)
Best games like Minecraft (Image credits: Logitech G)
Modified 24 Aug 2020
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Minecraft has become a pioneer of sandbox-type video gaming genre. Players are always looking for games that are similar to its block-building and resource-gathering gameplay.

And while no game can match the utter genius of Minecraft in the gaming world, there are a few other games that have created a kind of gameplay that can be enjoyed by Minecraft lovers.

If you have an Xbox and you're looking for a few games similar to Minecraft, then here are a few games that you can check out.

Five best games like Minecraft for Xbox

1) Space Engineers

Space Engineers (Image credits: Space Engineers, Youtube)
Space Engineers (Image credits: Space Engineers, Youtube)

If you thought that mining and building were fun on the Overworld in Minecraft, then you're in for a surprise. Space Engineers takes the gameplay of Minecraft and replicates it in space, where you must scavenge, explore, and build your base, except this time, you're hovering in zero-G.

Space Engineers can be fun for players who love the science fiction feel added to the scavenge-and-build model of the game. With its recent release on Xbox, this is the perfect time to get Space Engineers for your console.

2) Terraria 

Terraria (Image credits:
Terraria (Image credits:

Terraria has often been called the 2D clone of Minecraft, and the games do have quite a bit of similarity.

Terraria is another game where the player spawns in a deadly landscape. They must mine and gather resources (both natural and magical) to build structures as well as protect themselves from several monsters coming their way. Terraria is a simple yet challenging game to master and play.

3) Don't Starve

Don't Starve (Image credits: Bonus Stage)

As the title suggests, your primary focus when playing Don't Starve should be on gathering food, which can run out quicker than you think. This fantastic survival game, with its pleasingly gothic visuals, is all about gathering resources and crafting tools and shelter to survive the horrors of the night.

Don't Starve definitely comes close to Minecraft, especially with its quirky graphics, albeit with a much more brutal focus on survival.

4) 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die (Image credits: Reddit)
7 Days to Die (Image credits: Reddit)

7 Days to Die is like the brutal and zombie-infested brother that Minecraft never wanted. With a focus on resource-gathering, crafting, and building, 7 Days to Die is a game where the player must carefully traverse a post-apocalyptic world, and build a sturdy shelter in 7 days.

Why seven days? Because hordes of zombies come to attack you every seven days and if your shelter is not up by then, you're bound to be their next meal.

5) Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved (Image credits: Microsoft)
Ark: Survival Evolved (Image credits: Microsoft)

Ark: Survival Evolved is an amazingly enjoyable survival game, with the ability to keep dinosaurs as pets. Much like Minecraft, the game focuses immensely on the player collecting plenty of resources in order to survive.

With a sophisticated crafting menu, the game is perfect for anyone who enjoys the crafting and building vibe of Minecraft. Last but not least, Ark also allows the player to explore the several different biomes in the map and collect several drops of loot while you traverse the world on top of your T-Rex.

Published 24 Aug 2020
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